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Muscles of the shoulder and arm

Muscle, function, origin, insertion
Abducts humerus O:scapula, clavicle I: humerus
Pectoralis Major
Flexes and adducts humerus O: clavicle, sternum, 2nd - 6th costal cartilages I: humerus
Latissimus dorsi
Extends and adducts humerus O: last 6 thoracic vert, all lumbar vert, sacrum, iliac crest I: humerus
Teres major
Extends and adducts the humerus O: scapula I: humerus
Triceps brachii
Extends forearm O: humerus, scapula I: ulna
Biceps brachii
Flexes forearm O: scapula I: radius
Flexes forearm O: humerus I: radius