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tribes that invaded britain during the 5th century and influenced our language


the canterbury tales is written in...

middle english

william of normandy invaded and conquered england in...


first census

domesday book

geoffery chaucer is buried in...

westminster abbey


used to diagnose illness

language of upper class after battle of hastings



reduced europes population by 1/3

language of lower class after battle of hastings



courtly love, oath of loyalty

in WOB tale, why is the knight called to the court of king arthur?

he raped a maiden
he must go find what women must desire

why does the WOB digress to the story of midas?

she explained how women cannot keep a secret and to elaborate on a common sterotype

what is the answer in the riddle in the WOB tale

women most desire power

what choice is the knight given by his new wife in the WOB tale?

the woman can stay old and faithful or young and unfaithful- he chooses the right thing

in the pardoners tale, why do adam and eve lose paradise?

eve is gluttonus

how does the pardoner achieve personal gain from his tale?

people believe he is against all of the sin he speaks of and buy his relics
it instills fear into the pilgrims regarding their salvation.

order of the feudal system


how did the feudal system lead to conflict between church and state

king believed he was above the pope, but pope has been on top for a long time and believed he should stay in rule.

where does the tale begin?

Tabard inn

whose shrine are they visiting

thomas a' beckett

what was chaucer's position other than a writer

justice of peace
elected to parliament

why does milton think that his poetry will surpass others

his muse is truly divine
his subject is divine

milton's purpose is..

to justify the ways of god to man

satan's tragic flaw


satan will use a method other than ______ to challenge god


satans place in hell is called


beelzebub's name literally means

lord of the bees

which fallen angel raises the flag after the rebels reassemble and is often depicted as a goat?


what does satan do when we beings to address to re-armed fallen angels

he weeps

who says "to be weak is miserable"


what is the double meaning of fruit

literal food
the product of something

what is the double meaning of mortal


who is the shepherd on mt. sinai



sea monster in the bible (very demon-like)

why does satan feel that being in hell is better than heaven

because he can rule in hell, and he only serves in heaven

milton compares the fallen rebel angel to..


beginning of book 9; satan is portrayed as:

a mist

which character would be described as wily?




eve wishing to work on her own in eden results in:

a lover's quarrel

the "patriarch of mankind" is


how does satan being tempting eve?





desire to cause harm

eve's tragic flaw

being easily persuaded

adam's tragic flaw

his love for eve

why is the serpent the "most fit vessel" for satan?

snakes are very subtle and sneaky, he also uses it as an excuse to how he could reach the fruit of the tree.

book 9 muse

urania: greek goddess of the heavens and stars (also represented as the holy spirit)

book 1 muse

the holy spirit

milton dedicated his life to

poetry and scholarship

milton initially studied to become a ___________ but felt that __________

clergyman; tyranny had invaded the church

themes of paradise lost

good vs. evil
fall of man
idea of temptation


greek term meaning the mind is a battle field for good and evil sources

Whoso List to Hunt

-speaker is a man in love
-literally: having an affair
-figuratively: a hunter trying to catch a female deer

sir thomas wyatt

-brought petrachan sonnet to england
-starts elizabethan tradition

edmund spencer

-closely associated with royals
-not liked by the irish


-unrequitted love
-fire is the speaker
-he grows hotter as she grows colder
-overcomes and alters the course of nature

sonnet 75

-a man in love with a woman
-tries to immortalize their love by writing her name in the sand, but the sea washes it away, so he writes about her in poetry

sonnet 29

-desires 4 things (friends, hope, literary ability, power)
-self pitty

sonnet 73

-3 metaphors: autumn, twilight, dying embers
-he is older
-breathes life into his love

sonnet 116

-statements about love
-idealistic (disney love)
-true love = no flaws
-lighthouse (guidance)
-if this is all true, no one has ever been in love

sonnet 130

-statements about love
-atypical of a love sonnet
-all physical
-not sensual or beautiful
-he loves her anyway

sir walter raleigh

convicted of treason under king james, and spend 15 yrs. in prison at the tower of london. he is a very powerful writer.

christopher marlowe

went to cambridge, successful spy for queen elizabeth, playwright, died in a bar fight.

the passionate shepherd to his love

-wants to come live with his love
-promises her things that he cannot afford

the nymphs reply to the shepherd

-1 yr. later response to marlowe

andrew marvell

went to cambridge, political man, bachelor

to his coy mistress

-urgency, carpe diem
-he will love her forever
-its a waste to take virginity to the grave
-his desire will burn up
-time is eating him up, sex is the cure

to the virgins, to make much of time

-herrick (ironic b/c he was a priest)
-carpe diem
-telling women they should get married
-if you don't marry while you're young, you'll be forever alone

robert herrick

london, graduate of st. johns, priest, never married

john donne

couldn't get a degree because he was catholic, oxford at 11 yrs. old, lots of money

death be not proud

-john donne
-defiant love
-death is personified as something that can beaten
-death shouldn't be proud because sleep gives us pleasure
-death has little power
-shouldn't be proud because its not eternal

sir john suckling

royalist, gambling problem, some poems are elegant conversation

why so pale and wan, fond lover?

-asking a friend why he looks sick
-why he is quiet and not talking to her
-he should forget her if she won't love him

to althea, from prison

-freedom of love
-freedom of alcohol
-freedom of speech
-even though he is imprisoned he can still think and dream

on my fist son

-ben johnson
-wrote the poem after the death of his oldest son (7)
-the child has escaped aging
-he will be more careful with those he loves so much
-his son is the best creation (piece of poetry)

song to celia

-ben johnson
-he is thirsty for this woman
-she returned his wreath (unrequited love), but her breathing on it gave it eternal life.

the lamb

-william blake
-like a song
-youth and innocence
-lamb of god = jesus

the tyger

-william blake
-poems written after experiencing harshness in life
-central question: what immortal being could create this form?
-did God make this evil thing?


-bysshe shelley
-he is a travler and has gone to a land where there once was ancient civilizations


-rudyard kipling
-if you follow the advice, you will become a man and have an amazing life

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