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Water Quality Insect Identification

For Science Olympiad Water Quality event this study session will help you identify insects from Adult and Larva form.
Stonefly Adult
Stonefly Larva
Hellgrammite Adult
Hellgrammite Larva
Caddisfly Adult
Caddisfly Larva
Freshwater Mussel
Pouch Snail
Alderfly Adult
Alderfly Larva
Fishfly Adult
Fishfly Larva
Water Penny
Snipe Fly Adult
Snipe Fly Larva
Dragonfly Adult
Dragonfly Larva
Damselfly Adult
Damselfly Larva
Water Beetle Adult
Water Beetle Larva
Water Scorpion Adult
Water Scorpion Larva
Whirligig Beetle Adult
Whirligig Beetle Larva
Water Boatman
Riffle Beetle Adult
Riffle Beetle Larva
Water Strider Adult
Water Strider Larva
Crane Fly Adult
Crane Fly Larva
Black Fly Adult
Black Fly Larva
Midge Adult
Midge Larva
Mosquito Adult
Mosquito Larva
Flatworm Adult
Flatworm Larva
Freshwater Worm Adult
Freshwater Worm Larva

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