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What was the biggest single reason for the growth of the american population in the nineteenth century?


What were two of the factors that helped the industries of the United States to grow?

supplies of raw materials and the labor force

After 1880 many immigrants came from what regions of Europe?

eastern and southern Europe

Where did many European immigrants go first to be registered?

Ellis Island

What piece of legislation attempted to limit Chinese Immigration?

Exclusion Act of 1882

Give three reasons for the difficulty of traveling long distances by rail.

most tracks were in the East, no railroad bridges across major rivers, and different widths of track

What regions of the country did Cornelius Vanderbilt connect with his railroad empire?

Great Lake states and New York City

What did the federal government give railroad companies to aid their building?

financial aid and land

Name two key inventors of the period and the inventions for which they are best known?

Alexander Graham Bell---telephone
Thomas Edison---light bulb

What is the difference between a proprietorship and a partnership?

proprietorship is a business owned by 1 person; partnership is a business owned by 2 or more people

Who built a huge steel empire by means of a partnership?

Andrew Carnegie

Name two sources of capital for corporations besides individuals?

investment by banks and insurance companies

What is a trust?; Who formed the first business trust?

It combines several separate companies into one super-size corporation.; John D. Rockefeller

List 5 major changes in American that resulted from industrial growth

1.Americans had more leisure time.
2. City populations grew
3. more pollution, overcrowding, and crime
4. America's foreign trade increased
5. Women became important part of work force

What is capitalism?

An economy in which people are free to invest in businesses and make profits.

How was social Darwinism applied to industry?

It was used to support the idea that the biggest and best businesses would survive while others would fail.

What industry was regulated by the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887?

railroad industry

Business need large amounts of money or ? to finance their opeations.


The Interstate Commerce Act was intended to regulate some of the abuses of the ? industry


Union members wanted ? so that the union could negotiate with owners and management.

collective bargaining

Many of America's turn-of-the-century immigrants landed first at what place?

Ellis Island

A? is an advantageous business organization assembled under a charter by individual stockholders.


A theory of ? was used to support the idea that the biggest and best businesses would survive while others would fall.

social Darwinism

Uriah P. Stephens first led an early labor union called the ?

Knights of Labor

The ? was legislation intended to break up the unfair advantages of trusts.

Sherman Antitrust Act

Alexander Graham Bell

invented the telephone

Andrew Carnegie

built a huge steel empire

Thomas Edison

invented the incandescent light bulb

Samuel Gompers

president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)

John D. Rockefeller

formed a trust in the oil industry

Cornelius Vanderbilt

consolidated railroads in the Northeast

Why did labor unions emerge? Name two of the earliest ones.

to demand better wages and working condition; Knights of labor and american federation of labor

The first transcontinental railroad was completed at ?

Promontory Point near Ogden, Utah

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