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This set is a study guide for Quiz one of Sullivan College of Technology and Design's Color Theory class for graphic design students. It covers the main points of chapter one and two of Linda Holtzchue's Understanding Color fourth edition.

direct light (sun, monitor, bulb)

Additive Color

reflected light (paint, object surface color)

Subtractive Color


the ONLY cause of color

no visible light means...

no color

Pantone Matching System

Graphics industry standard commercial color order system

3 components of color

Hue, Saturation, Value


the name of a color


the brightness or purity of a color


darkness or lightness of a color

color theory

study of the properties and the philosophy of color


visible energy


distance between peaks of energy waves

Additive color primaries

Red, Green, Blue

Additive secondaries

Cya,n Magenta, Yellow


light passes through a material


light bounces off of a surface


light is "soaked up" and not visible

white colorants

REFLECT all wavelengths

black colorants

ABSORB all wavelengths

textured surfaces versus smooth surfaces of the same hue can create the illusion of...

more than one color or value

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