English Intro Notes to Jane Eyre

What year was Charlotte Bronte born in?
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wrote under the pen name of Currer _________BellJane Eyre was Charlotte's _________ novel and was and immediate ________ ________second best sellerThe novel is highly __________________, meaning it reflects many of the events of Charlotte's actual lifeautobiographicalBranwell died. two sisters died. Charlotte became and accepted member of the ________ __________literary societyCharlotte never found true love, and married a man she merely admire, Reverand ___________NichollsMarriage and caring for her sick father left her little time for ________writingShe died pregnant at the age of ______38Few _______; depended ________ _______; could not _______rights male counterparts voteWomen had the same rights as _______childrenHusband's role was __________; Wife's role was __________protection obedienceHusbands could not divorce wives for __________; wives had to prove both _________ and another crime in order to divorceadultery adulteryLater, women could divorce solely on charges of ___________ and ________________cruelty and retain custody of their childrena woman's role was household _____- most important dutymanagerwomen were only educated in subjects that would help them manage the _________ and raise __________household childrenOnly women of ________ class workedlowerwas an educated middle class woman, usually hired by middle-class or upper-class familiesgovernesgothic horror was a popular writing style in ____ and ______ century in england18th 19thwriting encounters _____-, complex family ______, incidents of _______/insanity, revelations of shocking _______ghosts histories madness secrets