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Microsoft: Office 2010-POWERPOINT

The _____ contains areas where you can view and enter document properties.

Document Information Panel

The _____ pane at the bottom of the window is an area where you can type notes and additional information.


_____ are words or phrases that further describe the document.


The default slide layout is in _____ orientation.


The default document theme is _____.

Office Theme

In normal view, you can adjust the width of the Slide pane by dragging the _____.

splitter bar

_____ includes such information as the project author, title or subject.

Document properties

The boxes with dotted borders that are displayed on new slides are _____ for text.


When making a presentation, you should use _____.

Slide Show view

Once you have created at least two slides, a _____ will appear on the right edge of the window.

scroll bar

Standard _____ are associated with all Microsoft documents.


A _____ appears in the Slide pane so you can move from slide to slide easily.

vertical scroll bar

A paragraph is a segment of text with the same format, that is started and ended by pressing the _____ key.


The _____ task pane allows you to search for clips by using keywords.

Clip Art

The _____ shows the number and title of the slide you are about to display.

slide indicator

A _____ is a list of paragraphs, each of which is preceded by a bullet.

bulleted list

A _____ is a position within a structure that indicates magnitude of importance.


A slide that consists of more then one level of bulleted text is called a _____ slide.

multi-level bulleted list

_____ computing involves reducing the environment waste generated when using a computer.


_____ is creating a lower-level paragraph.


When dragging slides to different locations in your presentation, a _____ indicates where the slide will move.

blue horizontal bar

To select a paragraph, you can _____ .

triple click it

_____ text has a slanted appearance.


Creating a higher-level paragraph is called _____ .


The _____ view is the default view that allows you to work in three working areas simultaneously.


The _____ introduces the presentation to the audience.

Title Slide

The _____ pane shows a large view of the current slide on the right side of the window.


Changing the order of slides is best performed in the _____ pane.


When moving a clip with the arrow keys, press the _____ key while you press the arrow keys to move in smaller increments.


A point is _____ of an inch in height.


_____ are used to arrange content on a slide.


_____ is the appearance of typed characters.


Using the _____ you can choose a slide layout.

Layout gallery

A slide _____ is a special animation effect used to progress from one slide to the next in a slide show.


The _____ is the mode in which the presentation appears in the screen.


A _____ is information that exists on a physical medium such as paper.


_____ defines the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols.


_____ defines the hues of the characters.


_____ specifies the height of the characters.


When the mouse appears as a _____ you can drag the sizing handle to re-size a graphic.

two-headed arrow

Which of the following file formats does PowerPoint recognize?

Joint Photographic Format,
Graphics Interchange Format, and
Flash Pix

To manually move through a slide show, click the _____.

Page Down key,
mouse button, and
Right arrow key

To make your PowerPoint presentation more impressive you can add _____ .

video, and

The document theme sets the _____ of the presentation.

color scheme,
font and font size, and

The Microsoft Clip Organizer contains _____ .

photos, and

Automatically updated document properties include _____ .

the date you change a file,
the date you create a file, and
the file size

PowerPoint allows you to wrap text around which of the following?

None of the above
Chart, nor

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