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Chapter 3 Excel Comp 2010

What type of chart is the least appropriate for depicting yearly rainfall totals for five cities for four years?
Pie Chart
What is the typical sequence for creating a chart?
Select the data sorce, select the chart type, and then size and position the chart
Which of the following applies to a sparkline?
Single Cell Chart
If you want to show exact values for a data series in a bar chart, what chart element should you display?
Data labels
The value exis currently shows increments such as 50,000 and 100,000. What do you select to display incremenets of 50 and 100?
Show axis in thousands
You want to create a single chart that shows each of the five divisions proportion of yearly sales for each year for five years. Which type of chart can accomodate your needs?
100% stacked column chart
Currently, a column chart shows values on the value axis, years on teh category axis, and state names in the legend. What should you do if you want to organize the data with the states on the category axis and the years shown in the legend?
Click Switch Row/Column in the Data group on the Design tab
Which tab contains commands to apply a predefined chart layout and controls what elements are included, where and their color scheme?
A chart and its related data source are located on the same worksheet. What is the default print option if teh chart is selected prior to displaying the backstage view?
Print Selected Chart
Which of the following is not a way to dispaly the Format Data Series dialog box for the Arts data series ina column chart?
Press and hold Shift as you click each Arts column