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  1. affiliation
  2. agnostic
  3. advert
  4. alliteration
  5. affidavit
  1. a written statement made under oath (bản khai có tuyên thệ)
    The court refused to accept his statement unless he presented it in the form of an affidavit.
  2. b repetition of beginning sound in poetry
    "The furrow followed free" is an example of alliteration.
  3. c connection; cooperation
    His affiliation with the political party was of short duration for he soon disagreed with his colleagues.
  4. d one who is skeptical of the existence of knowability of a god or any ultimate reality (thuyết k thể biết)
    The agnostic demanded proof before she would accept the statement of the minister.
  5. e refer to; mention
    Since you advert to this matter so frequently, you must regard it as important.

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  1. make hostile; separate
    Her attempts to alienate the two friends failed because they had complete faith in each other.
  2. decorate
    Wall paintings and carved statues adorned the temple.
  3. sum; total
    The aggregate wealth of this country is staggering to the imagination.
  4. nook; recess (hốc tường)
    Though their apartment lacked a full-scale dining room, an alcove adjacent to the living room made an
    adequate breakfast nook for the young couple.
  5. openmouthed (há hốc mồm)
    She stared, agape, at the many strange animals in the zoo.

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  1. adroit1.skillful; facile 2. agile (agility) easy; nimble (nhanh nhẩu, lẹ làng)
    His adroit handling of the delicate situation pleased his employers.


  2. alimonymixture as of metals
    alloy of gold are used more frequently than the pure metal.


  3. alluderefer indirectly
    Try not to allude to this matter in his presence because the topic annoys him.


  4. alchemymedieval chemistry (thuật giả kim)
    The changing of baser metals into gold was the goal of the students of alchemy.


  5. adjunctattachment; addendum
    I will entertain this concept as an adjunct to the main proposal.