8 terms

AP Government Vocab Chapter 10

Issue Advertising
Promoting a particular position or an issue by interest groups or individuals but not candidates. Much issue advocacy is often electioneering for or against a candidate and, until 2004 had not been subject to regulation.
Selection Perception
The process by which individuals perceive what they want to in media messages
Selective Exposure
The process by which individuals screen out messages that do not conform to their own biases
Fairness Doctrine
FCC policy that required holders of radio and TV licenses to ensure that different viewpoints were presented about controversial issues or persons; largely repeated in 1987
Mass media
Means of communication that are reaching the public, including newspapers and magazines, radio, television (broadcast, cable, and satellite), films, recordings, books, and electronic communication.
News media
Media that emphasize the news.
Horse race
A close contest; by extension, any contest in which the focus is on who is ahead and by how much rather than on substantive differences between the candidates.
Political socialization
The process by which we develop our political attitudes, values, and beliefs.