Tenor Chapter 8 Pre-Algebra


Terms in this set (...)

A value for the variable that makes an equation true.
inverse operations
Operations that undo each other, such as addition and subtraction.
equivalent equations
Two or more equations with the same solution.
two-step equation
An equation that contains two operations.
null/empty set
A set with no elements.
An equation that is true for any value of the variable.
A mathematical sentence that contains an inequality symbol.
A mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign.
The multiplicative inverse of a number.
distributive property
To multiply a sum by a number, multiply each addend by the number outside the parentheses. a(b+c)=ab+ac
dependent variable
The variable in a relation with a value that depends on the value of the independent variable. (y)
independent variable
The variable in a function that is subject to change. (x)