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Tekoppel Music Jeopardy

There are four families in the modern orchestra.
String, Brass, Percussion, Woodwind
What are the string instruments?
Cello, Bass, Violin, Viola
Brass instruments produce sound by buzzing what?
Lips to create a vibration.
Vibrations of reeds in a mouthpiece or air across a mouthpiece.
Piano, percussion or string?
America's most musical city?
New Orleans
The Original Dixieland Band
Performed on the first Jazz recording
W. C. Handy
The "Father of the Blues"
Benny Goodman
1930's Swing Era Band Leader
Bessie Smith
"Empress of the Blues"
Musical Staff
5 lines and 4 spaces
Musical notation used to separate measures
Bar Lines
Symbol for higher notes on the staff
Treble Clef
Symbol for lower notes on the staff
Bass Clef
Ledger Lines
Used to extend the staff to pitches that fall above or below it.
Francis Scott Key
Wrote Star Spangled Banner
Antonin Dvorak
Czech Composer that came to America to direct a Conservatory
Franz Listz
Hungarian "Rock Star" pianist of the Romantic Era
Antonio Vivaldi
Venetian (Italian) composer of the Four Seasons
Quarter Note
1 beat
Dotted Half Note
3 beats
Half Note
2 beats
Whole Note
4 beats
Eighth Note
1/2 a beat