19 terms

History Chapter 5 (109-111)

Oklahoma City
What is the capital of Oklahoma?
What is the capital of Texas?
The Sooner State
Oklahoma's nickname?
The Lone Star State
Texas' nickname?
pan handle
What's the name of the long thin section of Oklahoma?
Red People
What does Oklahoma mean?
Cherokee and Plains Indians
Which 2 indian tribes are found in Oklahoma?
it was the only state to be a it's own country
What makes Texas different than any other state?
2nd largest state
How does Texas rank in size compared to the other states?
What is the famous fort where Texas soldiers defended teamsleves against the Mexican army?
What is a popular pastime in Texas?
Santa Fe
Capital of New Mexico?
Capital of Arizona?
Land of Achievement
New Mexico's nickname?
Grand Canyon State
Arizona's nickname?
The four corners
What is the name of the special place where four states touch?
El Camino Real, The Palace of Governors
What are two old sights found in New Mexico?
An atlas is a book of ____.
ABC (Alphabetical Order)
How are the states arranged in an atlas?