War of 1812


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Stage is set
June 22nd 1807 USS Chesapeake, HMS Leopard
Dec 22nd 1807- March 1st 1809 Embargo act
1809: Nonintercourse Act- trade with all but france and GB
James Madison ( 1809-1817)
[NC Rep Nathaniel] Macon's Bill NO 2 (1810)
Whoever doesn't open trade first will keep on Embargo
Napoleon lifted sanctions on US
War Hawks (H.Clay and J. Calhoun)
New Southern and western sen. And reps.
Battle of Tippecanoe river 11/6-11/8/1811
Shawnee Bros
Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa (the prophet
Indian Terr. Gov. W. H. Harrison
Prophetstown, IN- Tecumseh out of town
Divisive War declared on June 18th, 1812
Mr. Madisons War
3 fronts
North, the seas, the south
Failed invasion for US
Fall 1813- Lake Erie and Battle of thames
Brig. Gen. Harrison v. Maj. Gen. Henry proctor and Tecumseh
Defeat of Napoleon leads to US by themselves
The seas
USS constitution vs HMS Gurriere
Lauched on October 21 1797, Seves as active role in USN until 1881
Battle on August 9, 1812 off coast of Boston
Old Ironsides
44- gun frigate
36 sails
Speed of 13 knots
Live oak
August 24th 1814 Executive mansion and capitol set ablaze
September 13-14 Baltimore MD fort Mc henry
1/8/1815 New Orleans (2 weeks after peace)
Andrew Jackson (Jean Lafitte) v. Gen Edward Pakenham
Treaty of Ghent: December 24,1814
Brits wanted more but cornered in NY, Balt, and south
Not one Inch of Territory Ceded or Lost
J.Q. Adams, Henry Clay, Albert Gallatin
Senate ratified 2/16/1815