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Physical & Chemical Changes / Heat Transfer

Physical Change
a change where no new materials form; does not change the kind of matter an object is made of
Chemical Change
a change in which one or more new types of mater form. Materials react with each other, or combine in new ways to form other materials.
the transfer of thermal energy between things that are touching; they are in direct contact with eachother
the transfer of thermal energy by movement of liquids or gases, causing hot parts to rise and cooler parts to sink.
the transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic waves.
a material that heat DOES NOT move through easily.
a material through which heat can move through easily.
Thermal Energy
a form of energy that describes the motion of atoms and molecules. We feel thermal energy as heat. High Temperatures - molecules are moving fast and have a lot of energy. Cold Temperatures - molecules are moving more slowly, have less energy
Heat Transfer
movement of heat - always from a warmer object to a cooler one. An object becomes cooler as heat moves out of it. An object becomes warmer as heat moves into it. When warmer objects are put with cooler objects, the warmer objects lose heat and the cooler objects gain heat..
energy that exists in matter
measurement of heat; a high temperature indicates more thermal energy