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Gcs 5th History Unit 7 Notes

These are history notes for unit 7 from the book AND packet
The (how many) states were acting like separate countries
Articles of Confederation
The first plan for government that failed was called the _______ ____ _____________.
tax, strength
The first plan for government failed because it could not _____ the people and it lacked ______________.
Independence Hall, Philadelphia
A meeting called the Constitutional Convention was held in ______________ ____________________.
(building) (city)
George Washington
________________ was chosen as the President of this meeting.
Father of the Constitution
James Madison was known as the ___________________.
James Madison used the _______ as his personal guide.
"God governs the affairs of men."
When the states continually squabbled, Ben Franklin told the Convention that ____________________________.
After the Convention began their day with prayer, it ran ______________.
president, carried out
The head of our new government would be a ___________, who would have the power to see that the laws were_________________.
congress, most important laws
The ______________ would have the power to make the ____________.
Congress would have _____ groups called houses.
Senate, House of Representatives
Congress's two houses would be the _________ and the _________________________.
Supreme Court
The highest court in the land would be called the _____________.
whether the Constitution has been obeyed
The Supreme Court's job is to judge what?
Each state gave up their power to completely govern itself when it signed the _____________.
of the people, by the people, for the people
Our government is ________________.
The changes to the Constitution.
Bill of Rights
__________________ consists of the first 10 amendments.
first, religious freedom
The ______________ amendment guarantees us ________ _________.
preach, practice religion
The United States was the first country in the world in which people could __________and ___________ ________ without a form of government control.
George Washington, John Adams
___________ __________ was elected our first president. ___________ ___________ was our first vice president.
New York
Our first capital was in ____ ______.
Inauguration Day
The first _________________ _____ was when George Washington took the oath of office.
"So help me God."
George Washington said _________________________ as he concluded his oath.
8 years
Washington served for a total of ____ __________.
Mount Vernon, Virginia
Where George Washington went when he was finished
serving as president.
one strong government
After the war for independence, many people were afraid of ______________________.
Constitution of the United States, Declaration of Independence
The writing of these two documents are two of the most important events that have contributed to the happiness and progress of all mankind.
March 1781
Some of the states were slow to ratify the the plan, but by ________________, the Articles of Confederation had been approved.
strong government
Many people were afraid of one ________ ___________.
hand of God
Everyone was convinced that the ______ __ _____ was in the work that was being done and no country can be strong without God's help.
Every state, no matter how large or small, was to send _____ senators.
The number of representatives sent to the House of Representatives depended upon the _______ of the state.
protect the freedom of individuals
The Bill of rights was made to _____________.
Bill of Rights
a list of people's rights or freedoms that no one can take away
first amendment
guarantees us freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press
Our Constitution is a ________.
a government that is run by representatives of the people
George Washington
Who said a new government could only work in the atmosphere of strong morality, respect for and obedience to the nation's laws were vitally important?