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  1. Alluvium
  2. plate tectonic theory
  3. Alfred Wegner
  4. Diastrophism
  5. Convectional precipitation
  1. a process by which large continental areas undergo slight deformation
  2. b known for theory of continental drift
  3. c a scientific theory which describes the large scale motions of Earth's lithosphere.
  4. d loose, unconsolidated (not cemented together into a solid rock), soil or sediments
  5. e is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is pulled down by gravity and deposited on the Earth's surface

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  1. explode violently
  2. reduction of the lands surface (types: weathering, mass wasting and erosion)
  3. plates slide by each other horizontally
  4. a deviation from the normal change of an atmospheric property with altitude
  5. decompose rather than disintegrate

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  1. Hurricanes/typhoonsnon-frontal synoptic scale low-pressure system over tropical or sub-tropical waters with organized convection (i.e. thunderstorm activity) and definite cyclonic surface wind circulation


  2. Deltafaster moving body of water that comes into contact with a larger, slower moving body of water


  3. contagious diffusionwhen something moves from place A to place B and takes root in place B


  4. Shield volcanoeshard to recognize


  5. Asthenospherepartially molten layer beneath the lithosphere; weak zone in upper mantle