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outline Hosea?
1. Outline the book of Hosea: :

I. 1-3 Hosea's Family
A. Marriage
B. Covenant Renewal
C. Command to Remarry

II. 4-14 Hosea Explains His Parable
A. Spiritual Adultery
B. Covenant Transgressors
C. Hypocrisy and idolatrous worship
Outline Ezekiel?
I. Vision and Call of Ezekiel (1-3)
II. Judgment on Judah (4-24)
III. Judgment on the Nations (25-32)
IV. Jerusalem's Fall and Restoration (33-39)
V. Vision of the New Temple (40-48)
Outline Jonah?

I. Jonah flee's God's call and thrown into sea. (1)

II. Jonah pray's to God (2)

III. Jonah journey's to Nineveh and preaches to them (3)

IV. Jonah is frustrated with God's compassion, God has the last word (4)
Outline Psalter?
Book 1: 1-41

Book 2: 42-72

Book 3: 73-89

Book 4: 90-106

Book 5: 107-150
Outline Genesis?
Genesis (Names & 6)
I. Adam (1-5)
II. Noah (6-11)
III. Abraham (12-23)
IV. Isaac and Jacob (24-36)
V. Joseph (37-50)
Outline Exodus?
I. Redemption (1-18)

A. The Slavery of Israel and the Calling of Moses (1-6)
B. The Ten Plagues: the LORD Judges the gods of Egypt (7-11)
C. The Passover and the Exodus (12-13) (Climax of Section I)
D. Israel Departs from Egypt (14-15)
E. Israel Journeys to Sinai (16-18)

II. Response to Redemption (19-40)

A. The LORD Gives Israel his Covenant Law (19-24)
B. The LORD Gives Israel Instructions for the Tabernacle (25-31)
C. The Covenant is Broken and Renewed (32-34) (Climax of Section II)
D. Israel Builds the Tabernacle (35-40)
Outline Leviticus?
I. Offerings (1-7)
II. Ordination of Priests (8-10)
III. Regulations for Cleanliness (11-16)
IV. Holiness Laws (17-27)
Outline Isaiah?
I. The Book of Judgment (1-39)
II. The Book of Consolation (40-55)
III. The Book of Restoration (56-66)
Outline Matthew?
Matthew (P)
I. Preparation and Inauguration of Jesus' Ministry (1-4:11)

II. Public Ministry (4:12 - ch. 20)
III. Passion Week (21-27)
IV. The Resurrection (28)
Outline Romans
Bookends: defines the scope and purpose of gospel. "the nations will have obedience and faith." (1:5 &16:26)

1. Intro (Rom 1:1-17)

2. The Gentiles are under God's judgment (Rom. 1:18 ...)

3. The Jews are under God's judgment (Rom. 2-3:8)

4. No one is righteous (Rom. 3:9 - 3:20)

5. Justification by faith alone through Christ alone (Rom. 3:21-5)

6. Dead to sin & slaves to righteousness (Rom. 6)

7. Law & Sin: I would not know sin w/o the Law (Rom. 7)

8. Living by the Spirit (Rom. 8)

9. Divine election is the answer to the question "is God's covenant promises have failed" (Rom. 9-11)

10. Personal application (Rom. 12-15:13)

11. Paul's ministerial intentions & support (Rom. 15:14...)

12. Salutations (Rom. 16)
Outline Galatians?
I. One Gospel (1:1-10)

II. Origin Paul's Gospel (1:11-2:10)

III. Justification by faith alone (2:11-21)

IV. Relationship of the law and Gospel in Redem/ Hist (3:15-22)

V. Application (5-6)
Outline Ephesians?

I. The Gospel Explained (1-3)
• Spiritual Blessings in Christ (1)
• Salvation by Grace through Faith (2:1-10)
• One in Christ (2:11-22)
• The Mystery of the Gospel (3)

II. The Gospel Applied (4-6)
• Unity and Maturity in the Body (4)
• Be Imitators of Christ (5)
• The Armor of God (6)
Outline Colossians?
Key Idea: Some had infiltrated the church denying Christ's supremacy and sufficiency as Savior.

1. Christ Jesus - Supreme over Creation and Redemption, chps. 1-2

2. Christians (followers of Christ) New Resurrected Life, chps 3-4

Hinge section: Therefore, since we have been raised with Christ...put to death the misdeeds of your sinful nature. Col 3.1, 5
Outline John?
I. Prologue (1:1-18)

II. The Book of Signs (1:19 - ch. 12)

III. The Book of Glory (13-20)
• The Upper Room Discourse (13-17)
• The Passion Narrative and Resurrection (18-20)

IV. Epilogue (21)