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Psychology Quizzes Chapter 7

_____ the first the term for any system that encodes, stores, and retrieves information.
The key tasks of the memory system are to _____, _____, and _____.
encode; store; retrieve
A cognitive understanding of memory, emphasizing how information is changed when it is encoded, stored and retrieved, is known as the _____.
information-processing model
During the memory process of _____, we select and identify the correct format for the memory system.
Another term for eidetic imagery is _____.
photographic memory
The three memory stages in order of processing are _____, _____, and _____.
sensory, working, long-term
When you hear phone number and are able to recall it for a brief period, the phone number is thought to reside within your _____.
working memory
_____ is the type of memory that primarily contributes to our sense of self.
Long-term memory
Sensory memory generally lasts for a _____.
fraction of a second
The sensory register for vision is called _____ memory words the sensory register for hearing is called _____ memory.
iconic, echoic
Because of the limited capacity of _____, it is unsafe to talk on the cell phone while driving on the freeway during rush hour.
working memory
Jamaal needs to remember his Social Security number but there are too many numbers for him to hold it in his working memory. _____ is the best technique for him to use that remember his Social Security number.
Bonnie is trying to remember what grocery items she needs from the stores. She repeats the words eggs, cookies, bread, tortillas, and pretzels over and over again in her mind. Bonnie is utilizing the memory technique of _____.
maintenance rehearsal
When you try to relate psychological terms you're learning in class or personal examples from your life you are using the method of _____.
elaborative rehearsal
_____ is thought to have an unlimited capacity.
Long-term memory
Knowing how to board train is considered a _____ memory while knowing that Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States is a _____ memory.
procedural, declarative
Your memory of how much fun you had last spring is an example of _____.
episodic memory
The physical changes that are associated with memory are known as _____.
Patient HM is unable to form _____ memories as a result of the removal of his _____ and _____ on both sides of his brain in order to stop epileptic seizures.
episodic, hippocampus; amygdala
_____ involves the loss of prior memory traces and is induced by _____.
Retrograde amnesia, head trauma
_____ suggests that millions of neurons can be involved in storing a single memory.
Long-term potentiation
Your ability to remember where you were the morning of September 11, 2001 is an example of a _____.
flashbulb memory
We are always aware of _____ memory whereas _____ memory maybe incidentally learned.
explicit, implicit
Ted asks Crystal to say the words "pop," "cop," and "mop." Then, Ted asks Crystal, what do you do a green light? Crystal quickly replies, "stop," instead of the right answer, "go." This is because Ted used the technique of _____.
To answer a multiple-choice question you must use _____.
The observation that depressed people tend to favor recall of depressing memories is known as _____.
mood-congruent memory
The _____ occurs when you know a word but cannot name it.
TOT phenomenon
If you are unable to remember the name of your second-grade teacher because you haven't thought of her in a while, you are demonstrating _____.
Hermann Ebbinghaus' forgetting curve revealed that for meaningless information, we forget _____ at first and then the forgetting _____.
quickly, tapers off
If you keep accidentally calling your new girlfriend by your old girlfriends name, you are experiencing _____.
proactive interference
If you're trying to remember the names of all the US presidents, the serial position effect would predict that you will have difficulty recalling the presidents _____.
in the middle of the list
According to Freud, those individuals who had been held in concentration camps during World War II would _____ these memories because they are too painful to remember.
_____ refers to a situation in which personal beliefs, attitudes and experiences impact memory.
Mnemonics are methods for encoding information by associating it with _____.
information already in LTM
Noam Chomsky believed that language was attributable primarily to _____.
Broca's area is primarily concerned with _____.
speech production
The correct order of the stages regarding language development are _____, _____, _____, and _____.
babbling, one-word, two-word, telegraphic
The most representative example of a category is called a _____.
Results from PET scan studies suggest that thought occurs in _____ areas of the brain, and that a range of highly specialized modules deal with the different kinds of thought.
widely distributed
I think that all librarians are middle-aged women with cardigan sweaters, glasses and a bun. If I meet a librarian who fulfills these expectations, it would reinforce my _____.
You go to a new fancy restaurant, and you're nervous because you're on a first date. However, since you have been to other nice restaurants before, you know that you will first be seated, then someone will take your drink order, then you will have an appetizer, followed by dinner. If all goes well on the date, you may even stay for dessert. This is an example of a _____.
Brad is home when all of his lights suddenly go out. His thought that "this is what happens when fuses blown" would be said to be _____.
identifying the problem
One of the reasons that people use algorithms is that these _____.
will always work if properly used