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D1 Boundaries
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Donegal Cliffs ParkOff Dublin Rd; Dunleary Dr/Donegal Cliffs DrTK ParkRiverside/Hard by WTFD Station #92Dublin Plaza33-161/Frantz (where the Kroger and McDonalds are)Perimeter CenterEast side of Avery-Muirfield Between Perimeter and Perimeter Loop Giant Eagle, Rusty Bucket, Panera, Crown Car DealershipsAvery SquareWest side of Avery-Muirfield Between Perimeter and Hospital Drive Kroger, Bdubs, lots of shopsShops on MuirfieldMuirfield north of Tara Hill (D4)Muirfield SquareSouthwest corner of Muirfield/MemorialTrader Joe's Center (aka Dublin Sawmill Center)Southwest corner of Sawmill/161 (W Dublin Granville)Dublin Village CenterSawmill/Village Pkwy/Dublin Center Dr area, where the AMC movie theater isKroger Market Place CenterI'm assuming Sawmill between Emerald and Hard