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Need RS or PC to stop
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Odor of alc (from/in vehicle, on person, on breath)
Bloodshot, watery eyes (glassy appearance too)
Slurred speech/"slow", slothish, confused, incoherent
Hostile/antagonistic attitude
Confusion as to where is/came from/going
Loss of fine motor skills/difficulty getting license and reg
Asks to repeat questions
See in plain view alcohol containers/drug para in the vehicle; alcohol stain on lips! lady had red wine on her lips

Ask for several things at once while asking questions to divide attention and observe
PRE Test:

-Equal pupil size
-Resting nystagmus
-Equal tracking

Test Clues:

1.) Lack of smooth pursuit, check both eyes

2.) Distinct and sustained Nystagmus at max deviation, check both eyes

3.) Onset of N prior to 45 deg, check both eyes

*Vertical gaze Nystagmus, check both eyes

Check both eyes, one at a time, two complete left/right passes needed therefore for each clue step

4/6 = impairment