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most abundant circulating wbc. 4k per microliter. usually first to arrive at infection, emigration, (+) chemotaxis, limited phagocytic, fill up with pathogen.

neutrophils secrete

defensive compounds. defensis and oxidant toxins


poke holes in membrane of pathogen, ruptures

oxidant toxins

damage and kill pathogen


emmigration, (+) chemotaxis, small amount phagocytic. 165 per microliter

eosinophils secrete

histamines and digestive enzymes



digestive enzymes

release these enzymes on parasite, digest it


44 per microliter. emmigration, most basophils are in tissue, (+) chemotaxis, almost no phagocytosis.

basophils secrete

heparin and histamines




2k per microliter. emmigration, can move back and forth between blood and tissues. (=) chemotaxis, no phagocytosis. specific immunity. provides memory or immunity to pathogen after initial exposure.

lymphocytes types

t cells and b cells


450 per microliter. emigration, move into tissue and converts in macrophages, (=) chemotaxis, phagocytic (agressive and unlimited). some of these in specific tissues such as lung, skin, gi tract, bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes and liver

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