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physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and occupational

the 6 components of health

1 - related to the body

physical health

2 - an ability to recognize reality

mental health

3 - expression of feelings in an appropriate way

emotional health

4 - positive interactions with others

social health

5 - has different meanings for different people

spiritual health

6 - satisfaction with your job

occupational health

optimal health in all 6 components


death - illness - average - growth - wellness

health illness continuum

talking to others about stuff

social support

1-heart disease, 2-cancer, 3-stroke

leading causes of death for adults

1-car accidents (including DWI), 2-homicide, 3-suicide

leading causes of death for teens

state the problem

decision making skills: step 1

list the options

decision making skills: step 2

pros/cons for each option

decision making skills: step 3

decide and act

decision making skills: step 4

evaluate what happened

decision making skills: step 5

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