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data base

is a collection of related pieces of information

knowledge base

a collection of up to date technical information located on the Help Menu


a specific way in which dates must be keyed, in which MM stands for month, DD stands for the day, CC represents the century, YY represents the year.

packing data

the deletion of vacant slots from the database

purging data

the process of deleting files of patients who are no longer seen by a provider in a practice

rebuilding indexes

a process that checks and verifies data and corrects any internal problems with the data.

restoring data

the process of retrieving data from back up storage devices

recalculating balances

the process of updating balances on every patient's data to reflect the most recent changes made to the data

where do you access recalculating balances

on the file maintenance dialog box

individual recalculating balance

can be don on the transaction Entry dialog box

what does purging data do

it frees up space on the computer and permits the system to run more efficiently

can purged data be restored

no once purged data is gone it cannot be retrieved, you should back up the date prior to purging the accounts

what data can be purged

appointments, claims, statements, appointment recalls, closed cases, credit card entries

where is the purged data option

in the file maintenance dialog box

packing data

only transaction files with zero balances can be deleted

where is the packing data option

located in the file maintenance dialog box

does rebuilding indexes verify content

not it does not verify content of data

how often should you rebuild the files

once a month the files need to be verified

where is the rebuild indexes option located

in the file maintenance dialog box

how often should you restore data

it is recommended that you perform restore date before each new session, to be sure you are working with your own data

describe 2 ways of issuing a command in Medisoft

1-commands are issued by clicking options on the menu bar 2- or by clicking shortcut buttons on the tool bar

what are the 2 ways data are entered into a box

1-the tab key is used to move between text boxes within a dialog box, 2-keying in data into the text box

what are the 3 ways the help button can assist you

1- hints, 2-built in info, 3-on line info

which menu provided access to office hours, medisofts scheduling feature

the activities dialog box

what is the purpose of the buttons on the toolbar

the buttons are icons, they represent the drop down menu on the toolbar at the top

what is the format for entering in dates


describe 2 ways of exciting Medisoft

1-click exit on the file menu dialog box, 2-click the close box X

Why is it important to back up data regularly

1. backup data can be used to restore data to the systems in the event the data is the system is accidentally or intentional lost or destroyed

why is extra caution required when purging data

because the data is forever lost

when is data restore performed

if you share a computer in an instructional environment, it is recommend that you perform a restore before each new session

in medisoft, where are the 2 places a patients balance can be recalculated

1-in the file maintance dialog box access recalculate balance tab,2- individual patient balances can be calculated in the activities dialog box, click on the enter transaction button clicking the account total column

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