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  1. Which of the following is not a component that makes up the chain of infection?
  2. What is not a common symtom of shock
  3. Which of the following body systems provide carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange? Nervous, Muscular, Respiratory, Reproductive
  4. Which of the following is not an important purpose of laboratory analyses to the entire health assessment or patient? Monitoring of the patient's health status, Therapeutic assessment to develope the appropriate treatment, Monitoring of the patient's health status to develop a community needs assessment, Dianostic testing on the patient
  5. Post-prandial means
  1. a Respiratory
  2. b After a meal
  3. c Mode of transportation
  4. d Thrombus
  5. e Monitoring of the patients health status to develop a community needs assessment

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  1. Outpatients
  2. Yellow, light blue, green, gray
  3. Gray
  4. Cortisol
  5. Phlebitis

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  1. If a patient refuses a venipuncture procedure, the phlebotomist shouldCoronary


  2. In the process of preparing to enter a patient's room in isolation, which of the following would occur first?Put it into a sharps container, without recapping, immediately after withdrawing it


  3. What does PPE stand for?Personal Protective Equipment


  4. Latex sensitivity is a type ofAllergic reaction


  5. Which arteries provide blood to the heart?Coronary