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  1. Which test tube would be used for "Fasting Blood Sugar" or Glucose Tolerance Test"
  2. When the phlebotomist collected blood from the patient, the patient was in a supine position. The patient was
  3. In the process of preparing to enter a patient's room in isolation, which of the following would occur first?
  4. Mrs. J Hamm, a patient who had blood tests requested from th nephrology department, probably has a disorder related to
  5. Which of the following analytes is a hormone; Cortisol, Cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, Blood urea nitrogen
  1. a Lying down
  2. b Donning gloves and positioning them
  3. c Gray
  4. d Kidneys
  5. e Cortisol

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  1. Mode of transportation
  2. Specimen must be chilled after collection
  3. Inadequate fast
  4. Coronary
  5. Common after infections

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  1. A hematoma can be prevented ifPressure is placed on the venipuncture site until the bleeding stops


  2. The blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart are theRight and left atrium


  3. Post-prandial meansContains anticoagulant


  4. Which of the following reflects the primary function of leukocytes; Oxygen transport, Host cells, Blood clotting, DefenseDefense


  5. Ambulatory care refers to health care services provided byPathogenic