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  1. Which of the following is not an important purpose of laboratory analyses to the entire health assessment or patient? Monitoring of the patient's health status, Therapeutic assessment to develope the appropriate treatment, Monitoring of the patient's health status to develop a community needs assessment, Dianostic testing on the patient
  2. The blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart are the
  3. Serum is blood that
  4. Which of the following reflects the primary function of leukocytes; Oxygen transport, Host cells, Blood clotting, Defense
  5. What does PPE stand for?
  1. a Personal Protective Equipment
  2. b Arteries
  3. c Defense
  4. d Does not contain anticoagulant
  5. e Monitoring of the patients health status to develop a community needs assessment

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  1. Mode of transportation
  2. Median cubital vein
  3. Biologic
  4. Respiratory
  5. Common after infections

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  1. Which of the following represents the correct order of draw?Coronary


  2. Plasma is blood thatContains anticoagulant


  3. Ambulatory care refers to health care services provided byOutpatients


  4. The "Good Samaritan Law" encourages healthcare professionals toProvide medical care within the scope of their training at the scene of an accident without fear of being sued for negligence


  5. Which of the following is considered a preanalytical error; Wrong order of draw, Exposure to light, Underfilling tubes, Inadequate fast?Yellow, light blue, green, gray


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