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Exam study World History Chapter 1- 10

Church of England

Church of EnglandHenry VIII of England formed this in order to granted a divorce


Conquered Peru, Ecuador, Chile for Spain

Magna Carta

Document that limited the power of the king


Christian clergy who traveled and preached the Gospel

Canon Law

Laws of the Catholic Church


Economic System that encourages private ownership of business

Wheat and grapes

Europeans brought this to the Americas on the Columbian Exchange


After this was completed, Spain launched a crusade against Jews + Muslims

Leonardo de Vinci

"Renaissance Man"; Scientist, Engineer, also a painter


Rebirth of learning about art + science

Line of Demarcation

agreement between Spain + Portugal regarding trade and exploration

Strengthen ties with Middle Class

method used by Monarchs in the High Middle Ages to gain power

Vasco da Gamma

Made voyage to Calicut- Vast trading empire for Spain


Militaristic city- State of Greece

God, Glory, Gold

Motivated young explores to travel to the New World


Code of Behavior for knights

Sidhartha Guatama

Enlightened One; rejected the caste system of India

1st leg of Triangle trade

Trade route from Europe to Africa

A legacy of the Crusades

Hatred of Muslims + Christians

Summa Theologies

Thomas Aquinas concluded there is no conflict between faith and reason

John Calvin

Taught Predestination Geneva, Switzerland became a model of Protestant morality

Truce of God

Required the end of fighting between friday + Sunday. (Ok to kill eachother Mon-Thurs, just not on weekends!)

English Common Law

This applied to all of England-equally among all classes

Johannes Kepler

His calculations showed the planets revolved around the sun in an oval orbit

Goal of Crusades

Recover Holy Lands

Catholic Reformation

This is when the Catholic Church made penalties for corrupt clergy

René Descartes

believed the best road to understanding came through logic + reasoning


trained to be a knight


Sum total of all good + bad deeds

Bartholomeu Dias

rounded the Southern tip of Africa

Alexander the Great

Spread Hellenistic Culture

Humanist Scholars

Group of writers, artists, and thinkers who celebrated individual achievement

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