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Access 6

What type of query calculates a statistic for data that is grouped by two different types of information?
What are questions asked of a database in which the answers are given through the data in the database called?
In a Query, what condition must the records that are included satisfy?
Which dialog box accessed through Query Design View is used to manually enter an expression for a field?
As a Database Object
How is a Query stored after it is created and saved?
What are symbols that represent any character or combination of characters and are commonly used to specify the criterion in a Query called?
Which check-box in the Query Design View is used to include a particular field in a criterion while not displaying the field in the Query Results?
What type of query enables the user to add the results of a query to a new table in a database?
Simple Query
What type of Query is used when no restrictions, calculations, or special order must be applied to the data?
What type of query enables a user to make the same change to all records satisfying certain criterion?
Asterisk (*)
Which character is used in a criterion to represent a collection of characters?
Question Mark (?)
Which character is used in a criterion to represent an individual character?
Which type of operator enables a user to equate two values in a Query criterion?
Which Query allows a user to quantify the query results by displaying only a specific number of records or a percentage of records?
Unique Values
Which property on a Query properties Sheet must be modified to eliminate duplicates in a Query?
What type of query enables a user to add results of a query to an existing table in a database?
Which Query type is flexible and prompts the user for input whenever it is used?
What object may be used in a Simple Query?
What must be done to ensure that a Query result appears in a specific order?
Delete Query
What is used to remove at once all records that meet specific criteria?
Which view allows a user to specify fields, criteria, sorting, and calculations when creating a Query?
Right-click the Join Line and selecting Join Properties from the Shortcut Menu
How is the Join Properties dialog box easily accessed in Query Design View?