Brave New World Vocab

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galvaniccaused by an electric currentplaintivelyexpressing sorrow, mournfulquaffingto drink (a beverage) heartilyruminatingponder, to think over again and againsimianrelating to an ape or monkeysolecismany error, improprietycordialityfriendly, warmdiademsa crown, a jewel headbandinexorableunalterable, unyieldinginnocuousnot harmful, harmlesslecherouslustfulparodya humorous or satirical imitationreciprocatedto give, feel, etc. in returnresonancethe quality in a sound of being deep, fullignominydisgrace, dishonor, public contemptintrinsicallybelonging to a thing by its very naturemaliceevil intention on anotherodiousdeserving or causing hatred, detestableperitoneumthe serous membrane lining the abdominal cavityprovocationprovoking, irritating, angeringvenerablecommanding respect because of age or impressive dignitywheedledto influence or persuade by words or actsbestialrelating to or having the form of a beastcarapracea bony or chitinous shield, shell covering some or all of the dorsal part of an animal ex- turtleflaccidsoft and limp, not firm, flabbyirresolutedoubtful, not determinedmoribundin a dying state, near deathreparationmaking amends for wrong doingsententiouslyusing pithy aphorisms or maximssublimesupreme, outstanding, impressingcompunctionfeeling of uneasiness or anxietyflagrantlyshockingly noticeable or evidentgesticulatingto make or use gesturesimpunityexemption from punishmentineradicablycompletely removedluminousreflecting light, illuminatedpostulatesto ask, demand, or claimsculliona servant assigned to kitchen tasks