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Theology test

What is the starting point for Catholic morality?
What is the guiding principle of Catholic morality?
What is a central theme in the mission of Jesus?
the kingdom of God
the mystery of the wonderful union of the divine and human natures in Jesus
a part of the Gospel according to Matthew in which Jesus preaches important moral teachings, including the Beatitudes
Sermon on the Mount
How can we get a clearer picture of God?
look at Jesus
What does the name Jesus mean?
God saves
What does it mean to say that Jesus does "morality on the run?"
He shows morality as he encounters new problems
What does it mean to say that the moral character of Jesus serves as the basis for Christian morality?
we find the answers to our moral questions through Jesus
Which word describes the guiding principle of Christian morality?
What are the guiding principles for a Christian moral life?
all love comes from God, love is a response to God's love, love others as we love ourselves, love of others and love of God are inseparable
Where is Christ to be found?
in ourselves
the teachings of Jesu sin the Sermon on the Mount on the meaning of and way to true happiness
people who take the Beatitudes' message to heart and attempt to live it
Beatitude saints
How are the Beatitudes similar to the Ten Commandments?
both describe what it means to be God's people
How are the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments different?
Beatitudes are not laws like the Ten Commandments, but show us how to live our lives
What do the Beatitudes challenge us to do?
think conscientiously about our attitude toward others
What are the 2 dimensions of God's reign?
worldly and otherworldly
God's reign or rule proclaimed by and present in Jesus in which people serve one another, share their goods, and refuse to retaliate with violence
kingdom of God
What are 2 images Jesus uses to help us appreciate the kingdom of God?
a pearl found in a field, yeast that helps bread rise
the activity Jesus performed prior to the Last Supper that becomes the model for all Christian service
foot washing
teachings such as the Judgment that overturn commonly held values and principles
"hard sayings" of Jesus
What action by Jesus modeled his command to serve others?
washed feet
What is an example of hard teachings of Jesus?
turning the other cheek
attitude of strict observance of laws, regardless of circumstances and possible harm to people involved
an attitude of doing only the least that is required by law in our moral life
pushing ourselves to do more than the minimum in our moral life
moral muscle
What is most striking about Gospel stores related to Jesus and the Law?
Jesus deals with legal matters and unlawful things in the Gospel
What does Jesus focus on in his teachings?
a change of heart
What does Jesus invite us to do instead of concentrating on the minimal requirements of the law?
to exercise our moral muscle
How can we achieve the perfection to which Jesus challenges us?
be the person we were intended to be
What is the relationship between the sacraments and Christian identity?
Christian identity is how to be the people we were meant to be, and sacraments strengthen us to be who we were meant to be