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If hired what is something you would do in your everyday role?
-Be early to check emergency equipment

-have briefing with captain and crew members

-Help passengers board at gate with luggage and boarding passes

-Inform passengers of safety requirements

-Reassure passengers if flight is hitting turbulence

-Care for passengers offering the best customer serves

-Assist passengers paying special attention to children and special needs people leaving the plane
Tell me about yourself?
-I am a social person who loves being around people

-At my current job I communicate with different people from different cultures.

-Building relationships everyday and finding new ways to help people
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
-as a successful Flight Attendant at your company

-Improving all skill sets, serving customers and helping your company excel
What Animal would you be? Why?
-I would be a dolphin because they're Intelligent,loyal, and sociable

-They are good at communicating and I love interacting with them.
Why do you want to be a flight attendant?
-Being a flight attendant will allow me to not just serve but to save lives as well.

-Having a positive impact on people who have a variety of problems flying.

-I can make a difference and change their whole out look on flying.
What might be different about being a flight attendant from you current employment?
-Being a flight attendant is more than just customer service.

-Because every action you take can have an effect on a persons safety
Do you prefer to work as part of team or alone?
-I have work experience in both situations

-But there are a lot more benefits in working as a team

-Because you can collaborate to help each other to get better results.

-Especially in a emergency situation a team can respond better.

-Like at my current job by collaborating when giving feed back to fortune 500 companies we achieved better sales.
What are your duties at your current employment?
-I meet with International Fortune 500 companies such as L'Oreal
-We give them ideas for products and offer feedback after presentations.
+For example a sales person had problems selling Revlon products to younger clients. So I recommended changing some of the packaging so it could appeal to a larger audience

-I also greet guest and utilize my communication skills to sell products.
+For example one of my clients was unsure about a product. So I went beyond and showed them the benefits of the product on my tablet.So that the customer could see if the product fit their needs. I was able to sell a product that complimented them.

-Reported sales on company Ipad so when I meet with liaisons from other companies so they can adjust their sales tactics.
-Collaborating with International fortune 500 companies as well as other marketing consultants.
-Using communication skills to improve sales.
-Another duty is ensuring that physically challenged customers can access the same products.
-By guiding them and giving them specialized one on one attention to serve their needs,
-Ensuring that their comfortable.
Job duties GN Development
GN Development
-I would answer customers question if they had any problems with purchases
-If they were unhappy with a building or contract
-I would report the problem and find a solution.
+For example they had a problem with the light fixtures in one of the sold buildings. I offered them our services from our company to resolve the issue. The customer remembered how i handled the problem and became a repeat customer.
Job duties Panera
-Processed credit card and cash transactions ensuring accuracy.
-Processed inventory and stock, collaborating with staff to ensure the records were always right.
-Made sure the customer were satisfied.
Job duties Beauty One
-Greeting customers and assisting them with product selection.
-up selling by showing them products that will benefit them a lot more.
Job duties Victoria Secret
-I was able to increase sales by 10% and was commend by my manger.
+I had a customer who had issue with product selections and I was able to order goods online for her.
Tell me about a difficult or challenging time. What did you do to resolve it?
-I notified a manger about a problem we were facing in sales in a meeting.

-She didn't think there was an issue

-By joining with other mangers we collaborated on a plan.

-As a result we excelled our sales goals.
Most challenging part of being a Flight Attendant and how would you handle it?
-Adjusting to a variety of time schedules due to different flights.

-but i know through dedication and routine. I can easily change my scheduling.
+When I worked at Victoria Secret I adjusted to different time schedules during seasonal working hours. By changing my routine I was able to adapt and arrive to work early and on time.
Work experience dealing with angry customers?
-At Panera I used my leadership skills to ensure a customer was satisfied.

-A customer complained to me about their food not being served on time.

-I went to find the cause and discovered someone took the wrong order.

-To fix the situation I served the customer personally.
Offered them extra food and asked if there was anything I could do to ensure their next visit was better.

-Through attentiveness and leadership I was able to turn a angry customer into a satisfied one.
Skills that a flight attendant must have?
-Calmness and control


-Teamwork skills

-Cultural Awareness


Most important qualities in a Flight Attendant?
-Attentive=Notice when something isn't going right with a customer

-Good Reaction skills=to be able to react quickly in emergency situations

-Ability to serve, sell, and offer the best customer service.
Why do you think you would be and asset to this company?
-I am a social and service orientated person always looking to help people.

-I have great communication skills that will allow me to speak clearly and listen.

-Which will give me the ability to interact comfortably with passengers and crew members.

-I work well under pressure and I remain calm.
+Like when a lady fainted at Victoria secret. I quickly handle the situation by calling 911. I acted in a calm manner so my coworkers and customers would remain calm as well.
*Industry Knowledge/ Why do you want to work for this company
-I love that this company provides low fares done right
-So people who don't have enough money can connect with their loved ones
-While still having reliable service

-I love that your company provides worldwide support for children and families in need.

-Partnering with many organizations to improve our communities such as make a wish foundation.

-Which shows that your company cares about giving back.
What was your best and worst job?
-My best job is my current one because I can directly improve sales by helping customers. While benefiting my company and clients at the same time.

-My worst job is Beauty One because my manager didn't focus enough on the customers experience.
-but this allowed me to step up my leadership skills and really focus on the customers.
Have you ever had a conflict with someone? How did you handle it?
-Had to prepare a presentation with coworkers

-And some members were not collaborating

-So I called for a staff meeting and by using my leadership skills I was able to address the problem without causing conflict.

-Which motivated my coworkers and helped us work better as a team.
How would a customer describe you in a stressful situation?
-Someone who diffuses the situation by listening and has empathy for the customer.

-finding a solution that will change the customers experience
If you can have a do over, what would it be?
-I wouldn't change anything because my experiences have helped me grow. Becoming better professionally and personally
If you could travel anywhere in the world with anyone? With who and where would you go?
-To Venice because of the unique architecture and its beautiful.
-I would travel with Vincent Van Gough because I love his art and could learn a lot more about painting.
Why do you think some passengers take their frustrations out on Flight Attendants. Even though we're trying to help them?
-Some customers are uncomfortable with flying

-Or had difficult day getting through security or have other issues and just need to vent.

+ When a customer needs to vent to me at my current job I just listen attentively to the problem about the product. Solve the issue by finding a product that better fits their needs to calm them down.
What do you say to someone who wants to sit with their family?
-I would do my best to honor their request.

-If its not possible I would see if I could at least set them in the same row.
Describe your best and worst sales experience?
-I was looking for makeup and a outfit for my an event
-The sales lady not only helped me find the makeup but stepped out of he department. To help me find a dress.

-I believe that understanding what your company offers equals great customer service.
-But when I went to chase bank ask for assistance
-to understand what best savings product fit my needs.
-The customer representative was unsure of what there bank could offer
-And had to call in someone else to help
What are some methods you use to motivate your team?
-By giving them positive feedback when they do well

-And helping them grow by giving constrictive criticism when needed to improve their results.

+For example at my current job when products are stocked and the section is clean.

-I always give them good feedback, to show I appreciate them.
Describe your Ideal boss?
-A leader that is well organized and a role model who knows how to communicate well

-Who is dedicated to the company as well as the team.
If a customer complains about paying for water. How can you ease their mind?
-Tell them that the airline provides fresh water.

-Let them know that the airline does pay to provide this service.

-Apologize for the inconvenience giving them the option to purchase the water or wait till the plan lands.
3 end questions
-What part of this job is the most challenging for you?

-What are your companies goals in the next 5 years?

-I an excited about this position, what are the next steps?
Tell me about your most recent travel experience?
-my last flight was Chicago to Dallas
-What made it enjoyable was the level of service
-Checking in was quick and the flight attendant would check on me to make sure I was comfortable.
Main responsibility's of a Flight Attendant?
- reacting quickly to emergency situations and ensuring that all passengers are safe and calm.

-While providing the best customer service so that the passengers can have a comfortable flight.
What excites you the most about moving to a new city after training?
-Experiencing new and different environments has always been exciting to me

-and relocating and traveling is part of my goals with working with Frontier
What is the importance of the uniform?
-The uniform not only brings service members together but also represents Frontiers brand to commitment and service to their customers.

-Allowing the public to recognize crew and cabin members
What company comes to mind when you think of great customer service? Why?
-At the Inter Continental hotel
-Because they treated me like valuable customer and they were very responsive to any questions I had.
-They took the time to call the room after I checked in to make sure I was happy with the room and view
-The room service was also quick and they were friendly
-Great service and professionalism is what made my experience better
What does customer service mean to you?
-Good customer service means to me is making a good impression of myself and the company brand.

-listening properly

-Having a positive attitude while addressing the customers needs

-So that the proper solution can be found to satisfy the customer.
Who is a positive role model to you?
What are your hobbies?
-Museums and art I enjoy seeing how different cultures express themselves through art and architecture. I admire the time it took and pay attention to detail.
-I also love yoga because its relaxing and also good for my health.
One of your proudest moments?
-I had a client with skin issues and she complained that other products didn't work and she lost her self-esteem.
-I selected a product that I knew would blend into her complexion.
-I also ensured her that she was beautiful and that the right product would help a lot
-As a result the next time she saw me she told me she felt more confident and that I changed her life.
What is something about yourself someone wouldn't know just by looking at you?
What reward do you think you will gain in becoming a flight attendant?
Sells experience
-As a consultant I properly inform customers on products.

-Ensuring they're satisfied while boosting sales by up selling items.

-Victoria Secret I achieved sales goals in a team selling environment
Tell about a time you had to break a rule at your job?
How do you up sell something?
-Knowing the customers needs and interests. So I can inform them on products to benefit them.
+When selling a skincare item I ask about their current skincare routine.Than show then items to upgrade to make their skin even better.
What was the worst mistake you've done at work, what did you do to correct it?
#Why are you the best Candidate?
-I am a compassionate person always looking for ways to help which will allow me to create the best passenger experience.

-I also have good decision making skills that will help me act quickly emergency situations.
Name a time a coworker broke a company policy, what did you do?
#Why do you think you will be a great asset for this company?
-I'm used to analyzing situations and reaming calm in stressful situations.

-I am also a service oriented person and I loves to work with others.

-Good communication skills will help me speak clearly and listen to passengers and crew members.
Causes you're interested in?
-Breast cancer awareness which your company has supported.

-Hunger and Nutrition
I know that children are affected by food shortages
#Explain stressful situation at work and how did you handle it?
-Black Friday at Victoria secret was stressful because it was packed I could barely move.

-I had to do my best at giving customer the best experience.

-While staying aware of customers stealing
Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer? What was the situation?
-I had a client who was dying her hair and needed advice.
-Instead of just pointing them into the right direction
-I went on my Ipad and found the video I used to get the same color.
-Taking the time to give them advice on my experience
-So she could achieve the same results
How would you divide your time between customers?
-Announce general info about the flight first to get basic questions out the way.

-Than help customers that call me over. Focusing on the solutions to solve issues in a timely manner.

-Than go down the isle to check on other passengers.
How would you handle a passenger if they were snoring loud?
-If there was a passenger irritated enough, I would offer to reset the awake customer.

-If they didn't want to move I could offer headphones, earbuds or beverage for the inconvenience
What do you do to maintain a positive attitude?
-I look on the bright side of things because i know that a negative mind set won't get me far in life.
Why should we hire you?
-I am passionate about helping people and it make me proud when I turn someone's day around.

-I treated customers with respect and make each person feel like the most important person in the world.
Describe a situation when you were under a tight deadline?
-When I had a lot of paperwork from my job in real estate as a customer service representative.

-We had a lot of clients coming in which meant more paper work to finish.

-I stayed after work to complete it
Tell about a time you were late for a job?
-There was a traffic accident

-So I made sure to check in with my manger and find someone to cover me.
Name a time you were in an emergency situation?
-Victoria secret there was an older lady that fainted.

-I helped by calling 911 as quickly as I could.

-Stayed with her to tell the paramedics exactly what happened.
One word to describe a Flight Attendant?
-Attentive because a Flight Attendant must be aware of passengers needs.
-and also be aware of security and safety risks.
How would you handle a coworker being rude to a passenger?
-Take care of the passenger from there to release tension.

-Talk to my coworker in private

-Explaining that lashing out doesn't solve anything.

-Remind them that we represent are company at all times.
#What kind of coworkers do you like to work with/ not work with?
-I love working with people who are positive and helpful.

-I prefer not to work with people who are not self motivated. When I do work with them I remind them how much their help is appreciated and try my best motivate them myself.
How would you deal with a passenger you suspect are drunk? (Screaming asking for more drinks)
-Stop serving alcohol and explain our polices.

-If they're disrupting other passengers I would calm them down and solve any other issues their having.
Why are you leaving your current position?
-I want to do more than just build customer relationships.

-I also want to be a part of saving lives
How would you up sell something? What kind of sales person are you?
-I love to show products that can actually benefit them.
-Really getting to know the customer so we can build a relationship so they can visit me again.
+like when I had a client who was looking for makeup. I showed her some makeup products that were combined with skincare. Which helped not just cover her acne but clear it as well. Which made her happy and she became a repeat customer.
Describe yourself in two words?
strengths and weakness
-Dependable: I love being there for people and helping them with issues.
-Compassionate: I have sympathy for others struggling and suffering.
-Cheerful:I have a positive attitude and don't let obstacles get me down.
-Outgoing: If I have a goal or dream I always go for it
-Hardworking: Put my heart and all into everything that I do
-Independent: Don't have a problem standing alone. I'm good at achieve things by myself.
-Perfectionist: I spend a lot of time making sure everything is perfect in my eyes. Other wise I'm unhappy with it.
+ When I do makeup I like to make sure everything is blended and flawless
-People Pleaser- I attempt to please everyone especially
those who are close to me.
-Over work: myself sometimes I have to remember to take some days off to relax.
What if you're working with another Flight Attendant that doesn't help you with anything?
-Bring it to their attention that they haven't attended to their passengers or pitch in.

-Ask them what's wrong and try to motivate them.

-reminding them how much their help is really appreciated
How well do you work with others?
-I get along with all kinds of people with different personalities.

-Enjoy working with others because we can learn from each other.

-At my current job we come together in our training to give feedback to fortune 500 companies.
Describe a situation that you handled that should normally be handled by a supervisor or someone else and how was the situation resolved?
How do you react to a crew member or Flight Attendant stealing?
-Tell the supervisor what I witnessed so that the company can take action.
What would you do if you were faced with a unruly passenger?
(A passenger that wont put on their seat belt)
-First calm down the passenger and ask what can I do to help.
-Listen to them vent and come up with a solution.
-If it was a sit belt situation I would remind them that the seat belt is for their safety. That we can't travel anywhere till all seat belts are fastened.
What if a plane has fewer entertainment possibilities? What would you do?
-It depends when the situation was discovered.
-If its noticed prior to take off I would inform my superior. So we can get extra resources.
-If not I would encourage passengers to share and minimize their time with the limited resources.
-Or use their phones and tablets with the wifi we provide.
#What do you do if a child is asleep?
-If their parent was there I would remind them that the flight has landed.
-If the child was alone I would gently wake them up and make sure they get to their destination
Would you delay departure for missing items on your list?
-It depends what items are missing.
-If its a piece of equipment for safety I would.
-See if my supervisor can help get the missing items such as oxygen mask or demo card.
You over hear two coworkers gossiping about another coworker in the ear shot of passengers. How would you handle situation?
-I would very quietly tell them that their comments can be heard by the customers.
-Which can make them feel uncomfortable
-Than ask if they can change the topic to something more appropriate.
#Describe a time you had to adapt to new experiences in the work place?
-At my previous job at GN Development in order to expand the company to serve more clientele they upgraded their soft ware systems.
-In order for me to adapt I came in early to learn Customer Relationship Management Software in Microsoft
-In this way I was able to serve more clients and keep track of their needs.
Describe a time when you wish you acted differently?
How would you handle a passenger that did not want to be seated next to another because of race?
-I would quietly tell them I understand they have an issue but that our airline has non-discriminatory policies.
-I would ask them are there any other needs that they would like to have accommodated.

- Although if the passenger became loud or unruly I would follow the same procedures that I would for any passenger that are having flight issues.
-I would move the passenger from that situation so that all passengers can enjoy there flight experience.

- For example while working at PinPoint at a marketing meeting we deal with many international corporations

-in one experience another company representative was insultive to another based on cultural issues.

- in this case I pulled them to the side and explained how we all had the same goal

-and that this was compromising are team efforts and that to succeeded as a team and to meet company goals
-we have to interact with one another

-My effort actually changed the situation and we were able to move forward with our feedback and marketing session.

Name at time someone gave you constructive criticism and how did you handle it?
-At a sales and marketing meeting at PinPoint a marketing manager did not agree with a certain product being marketed before others.
- I listened to attentively and we discussed the pros and cons with discontinuing sales with the item
- As a result we decided to not to focus on that product as a main sales item but to still continue marketing the item.
- As a result sales rose in that product category.
- I appreciate constructive criticism it is a from of collaboration and learning
-improving not only corporate goals and initiative but also as a growing and learning opprotunity for me and my team.
Tell about a time you didn't satisfy a customers needs? What was the situation? What did you learn?
- A customers needs we're not satisfied while working in a customer service role at Panera
- The customer felt that that the food recommendations did not satisfy them after placing the order
- Therefore i recommended a change to the dish that could be added
-Afterward they were satisfied and thanked me
- From this experience I learned that you can always change a situation around with creative thinking and sincerity.
What would be the hardest thing about being away?
- Getting use to changing my time clock but with adjustment I will get use to working various hours.
- For example while working at PinPoint I was sometimes required to travel
- I was able to adjust my time clock to work hours
What would you do if a dad was having problems with two kids on board.
- A flight attendants responsibility onboard is not merely for safety reasons, but to win customers by providing caring, attentive, and compassionate service
- Therefore I would offer my assistance and ask the father in what way could I help him
- And follow through with expert service and care
- Like when I had a customer at Panera and their child was crying
-I asked the customer if I could help and she replied that if I could hold some of her things she could get the child organized
- I assisted her and offered her a snack
- The mother was thankful & commended me for helping her
What would you do in an event of turbulence?
- Inform passengers to remain seated fasten seat belt during turbulence
-While I serve passengers making sure there needs are taken care of
- During preflight the cabin crew informs us of known turbulence so I can react even quicker to the situation
- If required for the crew to seat I would fasten my seat belt and assure the passengers that we are having turbulence and that we will be arriving soon
You see a passenger before take off move themselves from a standard seat to a stretch seat which has additional costs, what would you do?
-First welcome them on board and ask for their assigned seat
-Then if they move to another seat explain that our stretch seats are extra and offer to upgrade them.
-Listening to their needs to determine the best seating choose for their trip.
What would you do if you ran out of first class meals and you needed one more for a passenger?
-Explain to them that we are short a meal and sincerely apologize to them and offer any replacements.
What was your last Facebook post?
-I don't have a Facebook but I use Linkden to network and communicate with people from different cultures.
-My last post was about using cell phones for key cards rather than the traditional system.
-To make the customers experience better at airlines and hotels.
If a genie granted three wishes what would they be?
-One wish would be to realize my ultimate professional and career dreams as a flight attendant at American Airlines Assisting people and surmounting to be the top in my field and the best. We not only offer world class service but giving my time to a career that saves lives and has a positive impact on so many people has meaning for me!

- My second wish would be for global peace. I think that global peace would impact everyone's life in a positive away. So many leaders have worked to obtain that goal over the years and life would be different in a positive way for so many different nations.
-My third wish is an end to Brest Cancer and any other illness.
Tell me about yourself and why did you apply at AA as a flight attendant?
-I am a social person who loves being around people.
-At my current job I communicate with different cultures
-working for American Airlines is an opportunity to build relationships and save lives.
-Tell about a time you didn't satisfy a customers needs? What was the situation? What did you learn?
-At Paul Mitchell I had a client that requested a hair color they were unsure about.
-I asked my manager for there recommendation and what steps were best for this specific customer.
-In that way even though I was unable to satisfy their needs personally
-through asking for assistance I was able to accomplish my goal.
Describe American Airlines brand
American Airlines is committed to provide safe, dependable, world class travel to every citizen on an international level. American Airlines makes each flight special for every passenger ensuring comfort and safety as well as other services.

As the largest global career American understands the importance in technology as an investment in its future success.

Furthermore, American Airlines dedicates time and resources to commit themselves to bettering the community on a global scale.
Tell us about a time when you had to take initiative and how did it work out?
-At GN development there were task that the manager was unable to complete on time.
-Making calls to upper level clients
-I asked to take on some of the responsibility

In this way
1 )The task were completed on time
2)I learned new skills
3)I was commended by my manger for contributing and speeding up the work process in the office