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The basic unit of all living things is the:


The dense active protoplasm found in the center of the cell is:

daughter cells

Human cells reproduce by mitiosis, dividing into two identical cells called:


The _____________ is the protoplasm of a cell except for the protoplasm in the nucleus.


The chemical process through which cells are nourished and carry out their activities is called:


The constructive phase of metabolism is called:

muscle tissue

Which type of tissue contracts and moves various part of the body?

epithelial tissue

Which type of tissue lines the heart and digestive and respiratory organs?


The connection between two or more bones is called a:


The ______ is the larger of the two bones that form the leg befow the knee.


The oval, bony case that protects the brain is the:

upper jaw

The maxillae cones form the:

parietal bones

The two bones that form the sides and crown (top) of the cranium are the:


The inner and larger bone in the forearm, attached to the wrist, and located on the side of the little finger is the:


The foot is made up of ___ bones.

trapezuis muscles

Which muscles are also known as the smooth muscles?


Part of the muscle that does not move is the:


The broad muscle that covers the top of the head is the:


The __________ are the muscles that straighten the wrist, hand, and fingers to form a straight line.


The muscles at the base of the fingers that draw the fingers together are the:

peripheral nervous system

The system of nerves that carries impulses or messages to and from the central nervous system is called the:


Sensory nerve endings called ________ are located close to the surface of the skin.


The largest artery in the human body is the:

ulnar and radial ateries

The main blood supply of the arms and hands are the:

anterior tibial and posterior tibial arteries

The popliteal artery supplies blood to the foot and divides into two separate arteries known as:


The _________ is the primary nasal muscle of concern to cosmetologists.

lower lip and chin

The mental nerve affects the skin of the:

fifth cranial nerve

The ____________________ is the chief motor nerve of the face.


The greater occipital nerve is located at the ______ of the head and affects the scalp as far up as the top of the head.

arm and hand

The median nerve supplies impulses to the:

front of the leg

The deep peroneal nerve supplies impulses to the:

only one direction

Valves are structures that temporarily close a passage or permit blood flow in:

right atrium

Deoxygenated blood flows from the body into the:


White blood cells are also known as:


Blood plays a role in __________ the body's temperature.

infraorbital artery

The _______________ supplies blood to the muscles of the eye.

lymphatic system

The _______________ drains the tissue spaces of excess interstitial fluid.


The __________ is a gland of the endocrine system that secretes enzyme-producing cells that are responsible for digesting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.


The ______ glands secrete about 30 steriod hormones and control metabolic processes of the body, including the fight-or-flight response.


Digestive _________ are chemicals that charge certain types of food into a soluable form that can be used by the body.


The organ that controls the body is the:


The organs that controls the body's vision are the:


The heart is the organ that circulates the body's:


The organs that excretes water and waste products are the:


The lungs supply _______ to the blood.


The _____ is the organ that removes waste created by digestion.


The ______ covers the body and is the exteral protective coating.

intestines and stomach

The ___________________ are the organs that digest food.


The _____________ system controls the steady movement of the blood through the body.


The ___________ system changes food into nutrients and wastes.


The ____________ system affects the growth, development, sexual functions, and health of the entire body.


The __________ system purifies the body by elimination of waste matter.


The ______________ system serves as a protective coating and helps regulate the body's temperature.


The ___________ system protects the body from disease by developing immunities and destroying disease-causing toxins and bacteria.


The __________ system covers, shapes and supports the skeleton tissue.


The _________ system controls and coordinates all other systems inside and out of the body and makes them work harmoniously and efficiently.


The ___________ system controls the processes by which plants and animals reproduce offspring.


The ___________ system enables breathing, supplying the body with oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide as a waste product.


The __________ system forms the physical foundation of the body.


The study of the human body structures that can be seen with the naked eye and how the body parts are organized is:

body's structures

Physiology is the study of the functions and activities performed by the:

microscopic anatomy

The study of tiny structures found in living tissues is known as histology or:

nervous system

Neurology is the study of the structure, function, and pathology of the:


The study of the nature, structure, function, and diseases of the muscles is:


Osteology is the study of the anatomy, structure, and function of the:

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