15 terms

chemistry chapter 9

kinetic energy
energy of motion
potential energy
static energy
surface tension
attraction of molecules to those below it and on top of it
capillary action
attraction of liquid molecules to solids
average kinetic energy
ionic solids
dissolve in water, conduct electricity when dissolved, brittle, high melting points
covalent network solids
very hard, do not dissolve in water, most do not conduct electricity, high melting points
metallic solids
hard, malleable, ductile, conduct electricity
molecular solids
not hard, do not conduct electricity, low melting points, weak forces between molecules
amorphous solids
no shape; glass or plastic
standard pressure
1 atm
critical point
at end of liquid/gas line; where no more liquid can exist
triple point
point where all 3 phases exist
formula for 1,3,5
q=mc delta t
formula for 2,4
q=m delta h