Chapter 12


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Major goal of industrialized agriculture for any culture has been to steadily increase each crops ____
yield per unit of land
One benefit of irrigating crops is that it
boosts crop productivity on farms
What occurs in alley cropping
crops are planted in strips between trees and shrubs
A severe shortage of food leading to mass starvation, many deaths, economic chaos, and social disruption, is called
With traditional intensive agriculture, farmers increase their crop yield by
increasing their inputs of human and draft-animal labor
An urban area where people have little/no access to nutritious food without traveling far is called
food desert
the root cause of food insecurity is
Plantation agriculture is high input agriculture that involves growing cash crops and is primarily used in
tropical less developed countries
organic fertilizer is derived from
plant and animal materials
When soil productivity especially in arid land falls to 10% or less because of long droughts and human activity what occurs
Compared to traditional tillage, conservation tillage
reduces topsoil erosion
Anemia may be a result of deficiency in
Which of the following is an option for reducing desertification
decrease human contribution to climate change
one of the most important characteristics of a pesticide is how long it will stay deadly in the environment, a characteristic called
a second green revolution has been taking place since 1967, based on
fast growing rice and wheat
what is the advantage of modern synthetic pesticides
they increase profits for farmers
most of industrialized livestock climate changing greenhouse gas emission comes from
cattle flatulence
what process adds water until the water table rises and envelopes the deep roots of plants, resulting in a loss of productivity and ultimately killing them
raising animals in feedlots leads to
less land use
the term undernutrition refers to people who consume
less than the basic number of daily calories