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rectus abdominus
a major spine flexor; the name means "striaght muscle of the abdomen"
pectoralis major
prime mover for shoulder flexion and adduction
prime mover for shoulder abduction
external obliques
part of the abdominal girdle; forms the external lateral walls of the abdomen
acting alone, each muscle of this pair turns the head toward the opostie shouder
internal obliques
helps form the abdominal girdle
transverse abdominus
helps from the abdominal girdle
external intercostal
deep muscles of the thorax that promote the inspiratory phase of breathing
latissimus Dorsi
muscle that allows you to shrug your shoulders or extend your head
pectoralis Major
muscle that is the antagonist of the latissimus dorsi
deep muscles of the thorax that promote inhalation during breathing
external intercoastal
each muscle of this pair turns the head from side to side as in when you signal "no"
rectus abdominus
major spine flexor muscle
primary shoulder mover: flexion
primary shoulder mover: adduction primary shoulder mover: adduction
external oblique
forms the external lateral wall of the abdomen
pectoralis major
primary mover of the shoulder when abducting shoulder blades
help you bend side to side
sit ups are best accomplished by using this
rectus abdominus
muscle in charge of pushups
pectoralis major
flat, sheat-like tendon