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  1. General Corrosion
  2. Solute
  3. Periodic Table - Period
  4. H20 Breaks down into...
  5. Fission products
  1. a Hydronium and hydroxide
  2. b uniform attack on metal surfaces by environment
  3. c Horizontal Column
  4. d Motsly 2 but sometimes a third (tritium)
  5. e Material being dissolved

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  1. Produced by particle bombardment
  2. Resin sluice activities, CRUD bursts, Fuel Failures, PWR primary to secondary tube leaks
  3. Number one tritium producer
  4. First column elements tend to give up their one extra electron
  5. Shutdown

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  1. Microbiologically Influenced Corrosionlocalized increase in corrosion rate caused by relatively high flow rate at the corroding surface


  2. Redux and CorrosionMetal is oxidized and other substance is reduced


  3. Intergranular Attackcorrodent attacks the grain boundaries without sufficient stress to cause cracking


  4. Tramp UraniumOne way fission products enter rcs near top of fuel pin


  5. Action Level 1Reduction in power