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  1. Sources of impurities
  2. Flow Accelerated Corrosion
  3. Action Level 1
  4. Nickel based alloys (niconels) are used in?
  5. Solvent
  1. a Need to watch things
  2. b steam generator tubing
  3. c localized increase in corrosion rate caused by relatively high flow rate at the corroding surface
  4. d Liquid
  5. e Makeup water sources, leaks between systems, FME, Sweat

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  1. atoms pass through imperfect welds, minute cracks, larger holes
  2. Synergistic interaction of temp, tensile stress, corrosive env, and susceptible environment
  3. valve seats
  4. Boric acid from primary systems leaks through gaskets, joints, valve packing or cracks
  5. Letdown/makeup, Filtration, Ion exchangers,

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  1. Tritium is significant because?It can be inhaled, ingested and absorbed bythe human body


  2. Alloys are a mixture of metal and one or more...+ temp, + D.O., -pH, +Flow, Shocks and stresses


  3. Tramp UraniumRemoves Cl- ions and replaced with OH-


  4. Intergranular Attackcorrodent attacks the grain boundaries without sufficient stress to cause cracking


  5. Chemical ValenceNumber of extra electrons of an atom


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