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  1. Maintain pH by adding ? into the primary system and ? into the secondary
  2. General Corrosion
  3. H20 Breaks down into...
  4. What is used in closed loop cooling?
  5. Diffusion
  1. a uniform attack on metal surfaces by environment
  2. b Hydronium and hydroxide
  3. c atoms pass through metal atoms of cladding
  4. d Lithium hydroxide, amine
  5. e Corrosion inhibitors

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  1. Hydrogen, Hydrazine
  2. Surfaces corrode outside of core, corrosion products in coolant deposit in neutron flux area, corrosion products become neutron-activated, irradiated metal oxides released, radioactive materials deposited outside core
  3. steam generator tubing
  4. Clogging fliters/pipes, fouling of heat exchagners, higher rad levels, accumulation of sludge in SG's, corrosion
  5. Resin sluice activities, CRUD bursts, Fuel Failures, PWR primary to secondary tube leaks

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  1. Stainless steelsteel containing chromium that makes it resistant to corrosion


  2. Intergranular AttackOccurs when the grain boundary is more susceptible


  3. Alloys are a mixture of metal and one or more...Elements


  4. Boric Acid CorrosionMetal is oxidized and other substance is reduced


  5. Periodic Table - MetalsLeft of zig zag