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  1. H20 Breaks down into...
  2. Action Level 2
  3. Periodic Table - Metals
  4. Intergranular Cracking
  5. Transgranular Cracking
  1. a Hydronium and hydroxide
  2. b Left of zig zag
  3. c Reduction in power
  4. d Corrodent attacks bulk material
  5. e Occurs when the grain boundary is more susceptible

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  1. Surfaces corrode outside of core, corrosion products in coolant deposit in neutron flux area, corrosion products become neutron-activated, irradiated metal oxides released, radioactive materials deposited outside core
  2. Steam Generators
  3. steam generator tubing
  4. Removes Na+ ions and replaced with H+
  5. Two dissimilar metals in electrical contact in a conductive environment

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  1. Intergranular AttackNumber of extra electrons of an atom


  2. Problems from impuritiesMakeup water sources, leaks between systems, FME, Sweat


  3. Alloys are a mixture of metal and one or more...+ temp, + D.O., -pH, +Flow, Shocks and stresses


  4. SolventLiquid


  5. General Corrosionuniform attack on metal surfaces by environment