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  1. Solvent
  2. Boric Acid Corrosion
  3. What kind of water would we NOT see in open loop cooling?
  4. Solute
  5. Periodic Table - Alkali Metals
  1. a Liquid
  2. b First column elements tend to give up their one extra electron
  3. c Material being dissolved
  4. d Demineralized water
  5. e Boric acid from primary systems leaks through gaskets, joints, valve packing or cracks

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  1. Steam Generators
  2. Core
  3. Makeup water sources, leaks between systems, FME, Sweat
  4. atoms pass through metal atoms of cladding
  5. uniform attack on metal surfaces by environment

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  1. CRUD Cycle OrderSurfaces corrode outside of core, corrosion products in coolant deposit in neutron flux area, corrosion products become neutron-activated, irradiated metal oxides released, radioactive materials deposited outside core


  2. Factors that Increase Gen. Corrosionlocalized increase in corrosion rate caused by relatively high flow rate at the corroding surface


  3. Activation productsMotsly 2 but sometimes a third (tritium)


  4. Periodic Table - NonmetalsLeft of zig zag


  5. Cobalt based alloys (Stellites) are used in?steam generator tubing