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more, more

compared to women, men are ____ likely to feel comfortable about having casual sex with different partners and ____ likely to feel jelous rage over a mate's having sex with someone else.

more, more

compared to fraternal twins, identical twins are _____ similar in their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and _____ similar in risk of divorce

home environments

less than 10% of children's personality differences are attributable to the various _______ shared by family members

touch and message

premature babies are especially likely to gain weight if stimulated by

decreasing, decreasing

over the last century , western parents have placed ____ priority on teaching children to respectand obey parents and _____ priority on teaching them loyalty to their country


concepts of maleness adn femaleness that influence our perceptions are called gender _____

more, more

compared to their female classmates college age men are _____ likely to engage in unsafe sexual practices adn _____ likely to die in auto crashes

overestimating, overestimating

evolutionary psychologists are likely to be criticized for ______ gender differences in human mate selection and for _____ the reproductive advantages fo common social practices

less, more

Identical twins reared apart have _____ similar personalities than identical twins reared together and _____ similar personalities than fraternal twins reared apart

freudian psychologists

the tendancy to exaggerate the impact of parents' child rearing practices on children's personality development has been most characteristic of

prenatal environments

identical twins who have seperate placentas are somewhat less similar than identical twins who share a placenta. this best illustrates the influence of ____ on development.

smoking preferences

teens who smoke typically have friends who smoke. In order to avoid overestimating the impact of peer pressure on teens' smoking habits it would make the most sense to consider the impact of

gene, y

a single ____ on the _____ chromosome plays a crucial rold in the prenatal development of the testes

human behavior

evolutionary psychologists are most likely to be criticized for providing hindsight explanations for

individual responsability

by insisting that humans are nothing but products of nature and nurture we run the greatest risk of undermining

more, more

compared with today's north americans, ppl in japanese and chinese cultures exibit _____ concern for social harmony and _____ shyness toward strangers

natural selection

the prevalence of genetically predisposed traits which have a reproductive advantage is the best explanation in terms of

genetic differences

the heritability of intelligence refers to the extent to which the variation among peoples intelligence can be attributed to their

more aggressive behavior

a genetically female child who recives excess testosterone during prenatal growth is subsequently likely to develop

family environment

the remarkable academic and vocational successes of the children of refugee asian boat people best illustrate teh importance of

unusually reactive temperaments

genetically female children exposed to excess testosterone during prenatal development subsequetly exhibit more "tomboyish" behaviors than most girls. in order to avoid overestimating the influence of prenatal hormones on these behaviors, it should be noted that the children have

different cultures

cross cultural research on human development indicates that developmental processes are highly similar among individuals raised in


professor archibald suggests that men are more likely than women to initiate casual sex because this has proven to be a more successful reprodutive strategy for men than for women. the professor's suggestion best illustrates an _____ theory

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