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which side of the family is ROMEO on?


which side of the family is JULIET on?


Who is responsible/capable of getting the letter to Romeo about the potion placed on Juliet?

Friar John

Where does Romeo run off to after killing Tybalt?

Friar Lawrence's Cell

What is Romeo's punishment on the death of Tybalt?

Being exiled

Why does Juliet take the potion>

Because she wants to fake her death, so she can say with Romeo

Who provides JULIET'S potion?

Friar Lawrence

True or False Does Romeo talk about suicide after killing Tybalt?


Where does this play take place>


What are some reasons Juliet loves Romeo?

he is her age, he is "youthful" better known as single, and he is very, CHARMING!

Does Paris agree to the rushing of the marriage with Juliet?


Does Lord Capulet propose the marriage option to paris, or does paris reccomend Juliet's hand in marriage?

Paris asks for her marriage

What is the excuse for keeping Romeo in bed by Juliet?

That it is not yet morning, and he can remain where he is, then hears the nightingale, MORNING!

Why does Romeo kill himself if Juliet is still alive?

Because he thinks she is dead, not under the potion

Do Romeo and Juliet CONFIRM (; their marriage, before their death?


Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet, when he knows that it is illegal?

Because he thinks it will bring the Montagues and Capulets together

What does Mercutio call Tybalt?

the prince of cats

Who dies along with Mercutio?


Who kills Tybalt?


Why does Romeo kill JULIETS cousin, his WIFE's cousin, Tybalt?

Because of the death of Mercutio

What is the main reason the Capulets want Juliet to marry Paris

Because he is rich

When, on what day, do Romeo and Juliet meet>


Who looks for Romeo after the ball?

Mercutio and Benvolio

What fairy does Romeo have a dream about

Queen Mab

Who, when drunk, speaks of Queen Mab?


What does Mercutio say last>

To damn the Montague and Capulet Houses

What scene occurs after Capulets ball?

The balcony scene?

Does Juliet know that Romeo is there when she speaks of him on the balcony?


Are lady capulet (juliets mother) close to her daughter (juliet)


Who is Romeo's cousin, who is oftenly seen in scenes with Mercutio?


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