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AP World Midterm

The earliest hominids
lived in Africa
Periodization in the Advanced Placement World History Course
Assists students in comparing societies and trends within periods
Which of the following is NOT true of most Stone Age societies?
Humans tended to be more aggressive during the Stone Age than later periods.
The central aspect of the Neolithic Revolution was the
emergence of systematic food production techniques capable of regularly growing grains and vegetables and breeding, working and eating domesticated animals
Mesopotamian civilization
was made of cities and located in a river valley
The people who created the first Mesopotamian civilization were the
Which of the following is both true in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia?
Both had polytheism
Which of the following aspects did the Harrapan, Shang, and Sumerian civilization have in common?
River-based settlements
Which of the following statements about the Code of Hammurabi and the Justinian Code are accurate?
The importance of each was that they attempted to organize laws in ways that the people could understand
Which of the following earliest civilizations generally differed from the others in its emphasis on the supreme importance of the family, life on earth rather than life after death, and learning and literacy?
The Egyptian civilization was similar to the Sumerian civiliation
in its system of social stratification
The Phoenicians
invented the alphabet (phoenetic alphabet)
The ideas of Zorastrianism
according to the Zend Avesta, states that there was only one god
The Persian Empire
built a road that connected the empire from Susa to Sardis
The two major cities of the Indus River Valley civilization
were Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
The purpose of Asoka's great polished sandstone pillars during the Mauryan Dynasty was to
commemorate events in Buddha's life
A key difference between Hinduism and Buddhism was that Buddhism
was simpler, as it rejected the numerous Hindu gods
The idea of the Mandate of Heaven was
introduced by the Zhou Dynasty and it served to legitimize its power
Probably the most significant explanation for the fall of the Qin Dynasty is that the
factionalist and resentment created by Qin Shi Huangdi's policies created internal weaknesses that undermines the dynasty's survival after his death.
the terra-cotta figures near the Qin First Emperor's burial mound demonstrate the
huge expenditures that were devoted to afterlife preparation for the monarch
The period known as "The Warring States" refers to
the period of disorder in China before the establishment of the Qin dynasty
Confucianism and Buddhism
did not believe that their founders were gods
Greek geography
contained mountainous areas that impeded Greek unity
Which of the following was not one of Aristotles ideas?
the belief that our world was merely an imperfect reflection of the true reality
Which of the following statements is not an accurate characterization of the Greek polis?
it played a significant role in unifying all Greeks throughout the entire region under a single government
All of the following was true about the peloponnesion was except
the ultimate result of the war was aunified Greece headed by the city of Thebes
By the time he died, at the age of thirty-two, Alexander had conquered all except
central Gaul
Augustus's government was...
a monarchy disguised as a democracy
Which of the following was the leading cultural center of the Hellenistic world?
The cheif executive officers of the Roman Republic who were responsible for leading the Roman army into battle and administering the government were the
The following was the first Emperor of Rome
By Roman law
defendants did have the right to challenge their accusors before a judge
The key figure in the spread of Christianity outside the Jewish community was
Paul of Tarsus
Which Roman emperor divided the empire and created economic reforms to stop inflation?
In Comparing the Han dynasty with the Rome Empire, which of the following statements is NOT correct?
While Rome was successful at spreading its culture across wide areas, the Han were unable to difuse their culture to neighboring lands
The most important reason that Chinese civilization did not lose its identity after the fall of the Han Dynasty was
a shared belief in Confucianism
A technological advancement used to navigate the seas in the Indian Ocean was the
lateen sail
The foundation of Ancient Chinese society is found in all of the following EXCEPT
The mit'a labor system was used by the
Most Mesoamerican rulers tended to be both
despotic and severe
Which of the following was NOT a charaacteristic of all Mesopotamian civiliations between 600 and 1450 CE?
All used chinampas to raise agriculture
In contrast to Mesoamerican an the Andes region of South America during the period from 600 to 1450, people in North America were
not organized into large civilizations
During the time of the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates, Islam was
promoted the use of shari'a law
An important unifying force within the Muslim Caliphates was
the widespread use of the Arabic language
The Abbasid Caliphate eventually was destroyed by the
The area in which Islam showed the most profound change during the seventh and fifteenth centuries was in
the role of women
The Crusades
were due, in part, to power shifts stemming from the weakening of the Byzantine Empire after the rise of the Seljuk Turks
The Christian schism in 1054 resulted from
the Pope's claim that he was the head of all branches of Christianity, including the Orthodox Church
Which of the following qualifies as the primary source on the teachings of Muhammad?
The Hadith
This city became one of West Africa's greatest centers of trade and Islamic scholarship from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries
Where was ayllus located?
Latin America / Caribbean
Where was Italy located?
Western Europe
Where was Abbside Dynasty located?
Middle East
Where was Berbers located?
North Africa
Where was Timbuktu located?
West Africa
Where was Delhi Sultanate located?
South Asia
Where was Yuan Dynasty located?
East Asia
Where was Great Zimbabwe located?
Southern Africa
Where was Kilwa located?
East Africa
Where was Angkor Wat located?
South East Asia
Where was Malacca Strait
South East Asia
The Indian sea routes used by the romans to ship Silk Road imports back to Rome
expanded in the first century C.E. when sailors mastered the monsoon winds
The Buddhists who applied the term "lesser vehicle" to their rivals were eventually known as
Which of the following was a valid observation about the social practices in the societies of traditional Southeast Asia?
Southeast Asian women had more rights than Indian and Chinese women
the most fmaous example of the Buddhist architecture that employed a massive empty stupa with sculpted terraces is the temple on Java at
The Chinese civil service examination system
was no longer used after the early 600s
The Mongols were able to maintain control in China for an extended period because they
repidly assimilated into Chinese society
Empress Wu
made a significant contribution to the civil service examination system
The motives for the voyages of Zhenghe possibly included
tradin gprofits, curiosity, military conquest
Which of the following would you say is a more accuraate depiction of the comparison between medieval Chinese and Western thought?
China empiricism constant chaos while Europe was always at peace
The fundmental purpose of Neo-Confucianism was
to unite the metaphysical speculations of Buddhism and Daoism with the prgmatic confucian approach to society
The bakfu system
implemented the use of the uji wherever it came to power
The "shogunate system" was established by
Minamoto Yoritomo
The essence of the "shogunate system" was that
govermental power became centralized under the shogun, while the emperor rules in name only.
Unlike the situation in China, the struggle between central authority and local aristocracies endured into early modern times in Japan becase
China established a merit-based civil service examination system, while the Japanese maintained it as an elitist system, thus enhancing the power of the aristocracy
involved the preformance of ritual acts, usually preformed at a shrine
The Peloponnesian Was was fought between
two groups of Greek adversaries under the leadership of Athens and Sparta
The freedom and independance of the Greek polis finally fell under
Phillip II by 338 B.C.E.
By 327 B.C.E. Alexander's troops refused to go any further from home after the reached
Which of the following is not true with regard to Alexandria of Egypt?
It was originally a colony of Athens
Which of the following is true with regard to Minoan and Mycenaean socieites?
Both societies built palaces
By "tyrants" the Greeks meant
ambitious polititcians who gained power by irregular means
Which of the following was part of Spartan life?
Boys were taken away from their mothers for military training, young married women did not live with their husbands, the helots were unfree servants of the Spartan state, Vigorous physical excercise for girls was encouraged, in hopes that they wouuld bear strong children
In Homer's "Iliad" and "Odyssey", the ancient Greeks were portrayed as
expert and fearless seafarers
Which of the following was an Athenian political leader?
How democratic was the Athenian democracy?
All citizens were qualified to join the city counsils
Between the mid-eighth and the late sixth centuries B.C.E., the Greeks founded more than 400 coloines along the shores of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The driving force behind such a morvement was primarily
population pressure
Which of the following was not a consequence of Greek colonization?
it disrupted trade and commerce
The Delian Leagure was created to
discourage further Persian invasions
According to Plato, Socrates' view of death was that
no evil can happen to a good man either in life or after death
Which of the following was true of the religions of salvation in Hellenistic society?
They promised the possibility of eternal bliss, the cult of Osiris became one of the most popular, many included the belif in a savior who dies and is resurrected, faith in them spread along the trade routes
The Greek peninsula was
ideal for cultivation olives and grapes
What would you have been likely to have witnessed in classical Greece?
A Spartan woman took up arms to defend the polis
Greek philosophy is often characterized as "rational" because
it was based purely on human reason
Whichi is not one of Plato's ideas?
the belief that only democracy could make the philosopher-king possible
The most respected and influential of the Hellenistic philosophers were
the Aristotelians
What was not an economic factor in medieval China?
The Sui dynasty closed the Silk Road
In terms of its relations with neighboring powers, the Song
met their ultimate demise at the hands of the Mongols
under Zhu Xi, divided the world into a material world and a transcendent world
In the Chinese civil service examination system,
in comparison to other civiliations, the process provided a means for upward social mobility
With the increase in trade and urban activities during the Tang and Song eras,
a landed gentry class assumed a position of social and economic dominance
In medieval China, the tribute system
maintained a working trade relationship between the Chinese and foreign merchants and rulers
As a result of early Tang rule
Buddhist influence helped to produce a blossoming of Chinesse culture
In the Chinese civil service examination system
many candidates who passed the first examination did not go on to a higher level
Over the course of the three centuries after the fall of the Han and before the rise of the Sui Dynasty
Buddhism developed a much wider following amoung the Chinese people
all of the following factors contributed to the end of Mongol rule in China except
the plague that killed millions of Mongols in 1241 and 1242
Under Song rule in China, the system of local government
permitted villages to administer themselves, gave specific and vital responsibilities to the village "council of elders", enabled the most prominent families in the village to dominate the concil of elders, and essentially remained as it had been under the Tang
State Confucianism
emerged in China after the Tang dynasty's brief flirtation with Buddhism
Which of the following was true about the power of the Mongols?
They achieved more success in China than the rest of East Asia
The nomadic people who aligned with the Tang to dominate much of the carrying trade along the Silk Road were the
Because of the threat of the Khitan nomads, the first capital of the Song dynasty was _____, and additional threats from the north later forced the Song to move the capital to ______.
Kaifeng, and Hangzhou