What side was Ulysses S. Grant on?
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What and when was the New York draft riots?July 1863, rioters were mainly poor whites and Irish immigrants, more than 100 people killed, they were opposed to freeing slavesWhat was the African American enlistment?congress allowed in 1862, 54 Massachusetts commanded by Col Shaw, half of the 54th killed in assult on Ft. WagnerWho won in the battle of Chancellorsville?Jackson's forces, confederacyIn Gettysburg day 1 who delayed a larger Confederate force and allowed time for reinforcements to arrive?BufordIn gettysburg day 3 Lee ordered Pickett to charge the Union's lines, it is known as "Pickets charge" how many confederate causalities were there?there were over 6,500 confederate casualitiesWhat were the impacts of the battle of Gettysburg?confederates lost 28,000 union lost 23,000What battle was the key to total Union control of the Miss. River?Siege of VicksburgWhat was the Gettysburg address?it was a two-mintue speech from Lincoln, considered great by some but failure to othersWhat was Sherman's "march to the sea?"Sherman sought to break the South's ability to make war, he captured Atlanta in Sept 1864 and then marched to Savannah and took it by Christmas 1864What happened in the election of 1864?Lincoln sought re-election, democrats nominated McClellan but Lincoln won by a large marginWhat is the 13th amendment?abolishes "involuntary servitude", approved and ratified by states in 1865What was the impact of the war on the Union side?111,000 died in action 250,000 died by non-military cause (mostly disease) 275,000 wounded cost: $6.19 billionWhat was the impact of the was on the confederacy?93,000 killed in action 165,000 killed by non-military causes 137,000 wounded cost: $2.10 billion