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The Florida Consent Decree is a law that "bind[s] upon the organizational entities on both sides of this matter, their successors in office, agents, employees, and all persons in active consent or participation with them"-- in other words, all pre-service K-12 teachers and all employed K-12 teachers in Florida are required to know about and follow this every important law that guarantees to English Language Learners the right to equal access to all education programs.

What is a synonym for the Florida Consent Decree?

the META Agreement

What is the purpose of the FL Consent Decree?

It addresses the civil rights of ELLs, especially guaranteeing equal access to all education programs.

Why does FL have a consent decree?

Because FL did not comply with federal laws ensuring equal educational opportunities for all students regardless of national origin, ethnicity, or language.

When was the FL Consent Decree written?

originally: 1990
revised: 2003

Who were the parties involved with the FL Consent Decree?

Florida Department of Education v. the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

What does META in META Agreement stand for?

Multicultural Education Training Advocacy, Inc.

How many sections were mandated?

6 total mandates, including Section IV: Personnel, which describes the requirement that all college students who want to become Florida certified K-12 teachers must take 5 TESOL courses, and Section I: Identification and Assessment, which explains the requirements for assessing ELLs when they are enrolled in Florida's public school system.

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