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Cavities and Membranes

Cranial Cavity
the cavity containing the brain
Vertebral Canal
contains the spinal cord
Thoracic Cavity
the cavity in the vertebrate body enclosed by the ribs between the diaphragm and the neck and containing the lungs and heart
Abdominal Cavity
the cavity between the thoracic and pelvic cavity
Pelvic Cavity
the cavity located directly below the abdominal cavity
Abdominopelvic Cavity
contains both the abdominal and pelvic cavities
Left Pleural Cavity
Subdivision of the thoracic cavity that houses the left lung created by the mediastinum
Right Pleural Cavity
Subdivision of the thoracic cavity that houses the right lung created by the mediastinum
the part of the thoracic cavity between the lungs that contains the heart and aorta and esophagus and trachea and thymus
Pericardial Cavity
the space between the layers of the pericardium that contains fluid that lubricates the membrane surfaces and allows easy heart movement
Frontal Sinuses
air filled cavities superior to the orbital cavity
Sphenoidal sinus
air filled cavity posterior to the nasal cavity
Middle ear Cavity
cavity that contains the middle ear bones
Oral Cavity
cavity containing the teeth and tongue
Nasal Cavity
cavity located within the nose and divided into right and left portions by a nasal septum
Orbital Cavities
cavities containing the eyes and associated skeletal muscles and nerves
Parietal Pleura
the membrane that lines the left and right thoracic compartments that contain the lungs
Visceral Pleura
the membrane that covers the lungs themselves
a membrane that is attached to the wall of a cavity
a membrane that covers an internal organ
Pleural Cavity
the potential space between the parietal and visceral pleural membranes
Serous Fluid
a thin film of watery fluid that separates the parietal and visceral pleural cavities
Pericardial Membranes
membranes that surround the heart
Visceral Pericardium
a membrane that covers the heart's surface
Parietal Pericardium
a thicker membrane that surrounds the heart and contains heart, Visceral Pericardium, and a small volume of fluid
Pericardial Cavity
the potential space between the Visceral and Parietal Pericardium