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shitsumon ga arimasu
i have a question
moo ichido onegai shimasu
please say that again
i dont understand
i understood
chotto matte kudasai
please wait a moment
__wa nihongo de nan to iimasu ka
how do you say --- in japanese?
to iimasu
hon o tojite kudasai
please close your book
hon o akete kudasai
please open your book
hon o mite kudasai
please look at your book
ho wa miniate kudasai
don't look at your book
kiite kudasai
please listen
mite kudasai
please look at
itte kudasai
please say it
moo ichido itte kudasai
yonde kudasai
nihongo de itte kudasai
please say it in Japanese
kurikaeshite kudasai
please repeat
kaite kudasai
please write it
renshuu shite kudasai
please practice

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