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The absorption of terrestrial radiation by certain gases in the lower atmosphere is called:

greenhouse effect

Earths atmospheric greenhouse effect is produced mainly by H2O and CO2 absorbing and re-emitting what radiation:

infrared (IR)

If the earth has no atmospheric greenhouse effect the average surface temp would be:

lower than at present

On average, what percent of the suns radiation intercepted by earth and its atmosphere is reflected to space:


Max temp for a particular day is 26C and the min temp is 14C, the temp daily range would be:


A place located along a windward coast will probably have what summer temps than an inland place at the same time:


A poleward moving ocean current is a what current


The largest annual range of temp may be found

in a polar latitudes over land

An important reason for the large daily temp range over deserts is

there is little water vapor in the air

In the clear weather next to ground is usually what than the air above during the night and what than the air above during the day

colder, warmer

Snow covered surfaces have a low albedo


The atmosphere is heated chiefly by re-radiation from the earths surface


The suns radiation is also referred to as a shortwave radiation


Clouds are poor absorbers and emitters of infrared radiation


Isotherms are more irregular in the Southern hemi than in the northern


Negative values are not possible on the celsius temp scale


During a typical day, the lowest temp is at midnight


Water has a lower specific heat than land


In most areas, warmest time of day about 5 feet from the ground is noon


Traveling from Dallas to St,Paul in July you are more likely to experience greater temp variations than if you made the same trip in January


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