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sexual response cycle
the 4 stages of sexual responding described by Masters & Johnson- excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution
refractory period
a resting period after orgasm, during which a man cannot achieve another orgasm
sexual disorder
a problem that consistently impairs sexual arousal or functioning
a sex hormone, secreted n greater amounts by females than males. In nonhuman, female mammals, these levels peak during ovulation, promoting sexual receptivity
the most important of the male sex hormones. both males and females have it but the additional hormone in males stimulates the growth of male sex organs in the fetus and development of male sex characteristics during puberty
sexual orientation
an enduring sexual attraction towards members of either one's own sex (homosexual orientation) or the other sex (heterosexual orientation)
atypical prenatal hormones
Some scientific evidence makes a preliminary link between homosexuality and
excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution
The correct order of the stages of Masters and Johnson's sexual response cycle is:
satisfying relationships
When asked what makes life meaningful, most people first mention:
reduced testosterone and sexual interest
Castration of male rats results in
Men's sexual orientation is potentially more fluid and changeable than women's
Which of the following is not true regarding sexual orientation?
Western Europe
Of the following parts of the world, teen intercourse rates are highest in:
2, 5
Exposure of a fetus to the hormones typical of females between _____ and ____ months after conception may predispose the developing human to become attracted to males
research indicates that sexual orientation may be at least partly physiological
Which of the following statements concerning homosexuality is true?
a person's enduring sexual attraction toward members of a particular gender
Sexual orientation refers to
they prevent genital cancers caused by viruses
Which of the following is not true regarding condoms?
According to Masters and Johnson, the sexual response of males is most likely to differ from that of females during the ____ phase
the majority feel that sex between persons who know each other for only a short period of time is unacceptable
Which of the following is currently true regarding first year college students opinions of casual sex?
thrill seeking
Which of the following is not identified as a contributing factor in the high rate of unprotected sex among adolescents?
the respondents were drawn from a large random sample of americans
Which is not true regarding Alfred Kingsley's studies of sexual behavior?
because bonding with others increased our ancestors' success at reproduction and survival, it became part of our biological nature
Summarizing her report on the need to belong Rolanda states:
behavior therapy
Which has been the most effective way to treat sexual disorders?
people's attitudes, values and morals cannot be separated from the biological aspects of sexuality
The body's major sex organ is the brain. With regard to sex education...