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specifically designed to improve performance for video process that involves 3-D graphics


the latest PCMCIA specification for PC Card slots to improve I/O speed and increases bus width to 32 bits

chip extractor

a simple tong-like tool used to remove chips from a computer

CRT monitor

desktop monitor that is similar to a standard television because it operates using a cathode ray tube

DIN connector

keyboard connectorthat is round and has five pins

dot pitch

distance between the spots, or dots, on a screen that an electronic beam hits


goal of ensuring that computing devices incorporate features that provide comfort, safety, and efficiency

graphics accelerator

a type of video card that has its own processor to boost performance


ability to connect a device to a USB port while a computer is running and the device automatically will be configured; without having to restart the computer


technology that uses infrared light waves to transmit signals to other infrared-enabled devices

isochronous data transfer

method used by FireWire to transfer data continuously without breaks over the bus

LCD monitor

monitor that uses liquid crystal display instead of a cathode-ray tube


monitors that always draw the entire screen on each pass

refresh rate

number of times in one second an electronic beam can fill a screen with lines from top to bottom


process of breaking up a sound waveform into set intervals and representing all values during that interval with a single value

Sound Blaster compatible

description of sound cards that understand the commands sent to them that have been written for a Sound Blaster card

Universal Asynchonous Receiver/Transmitter

special controller chip used by serial ports; takes parallel output from a computer's system bus and transforms it into serial form for transmission through the serial port

vertical scan rate

refresh rate

viewable size

actual size ofthe lighted screen in a monitor


most widely implemented standards for radio wave networks and includes 802.11g and 802.11b

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