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what was the official religious policy of the former Soviet Union?

to conduct services in old church Slavonic instead of he georgian language

which religion persists in Azerbaijan a region of the former soviet union?

Shiite islam

the yellow river is to Chinese philosophy as the tigris and Euphrates rivers is to which religion


ethnic strife in former soviet regions reflects the legacy of what soviet policy

divide and diminish

persuasion will not lead people to change the language they speak, but it can induce them to do what?

profess adherence to a new faith

in the Islamic republic of Pakistan the government in 1991 proclaimed that a condition for a judge to be appointed to the country's Islamic courts would be to wear this

a beard

what is animism

attribution of a living soul to plants, inanimate objects nd nature phenomena

what is atheism

belief that there are no gods, they believe In science and fact

how is Zoroastrianism similar to islam and christianity


t or f: Christianity is the faith that is most widely dispersed over the world


the hindu religion is one of the oldest of the great religions and may have begun how long ago

4000 years ago

Hinduism arose in the __ river valley


what are the unique characteristics of hinduism

emerged without a prophet, book of scripties and without evolving a bureaucratic structure comparable to these of the Christian religions

Sikhism is a small compromise religion that arose from the confrontation between Hinduism and which religion


why did the Indonesian island of bali became a refuge for hindu holy men, nobles and intellectuals during the sixteenth century

islam engulfed neighboring java

Hinduism has not spread by expansion diffusion in dern times, but at one time it did spread by relocation diffusion of a result of what

transportation of indian workers abroad during the colonial period

Buddhism has its source in what nation


the founder of Buddhism Siddhartha guatama who came to be known as the Buddha was perhaps the first prominent indian religious leader to do this

speak out against the hindu caste system

what is the difference between Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism


geomancers those who know the desires of the spirits of ancestors, dragons and tigers occupying the natural are associated with which religion


the teachings of lao-tsu from the tenants of which philosophy


the confucian classics were the 13 texts that were the focus of education for 2000 yeas in which nation


under Chinese communist rule Confucianism has held what place in society

been banned and suppressed

the jews of central Europe are known as what


the concentration of religions in Switzerland is related to __ boundaries


the diaspora of the jews resulted from what action

roman destruction of jerusalem

what is the ideology of zionism

a homeland fro the jewish people

what is the largest constituency of christianity

roman catholic

in which African country does a major cluster of the European orthodox churches survive


roman catholic Christianity was spread to middle and south America by which european colonial power


which is the youngest major religion


modern day shiah islam dominates a region centered where


the hajj one of the pillars of islam is what

the pilgrimage to mecca

what is the worlds largest dominate Islamic state


shamanism is a traditional religion and an intimate part of local culture and society. but not all traditional religions are shamanist. in which regions have both Christianity and islam failed to convert most of the people practicing religion


the rise of secularism and decline of religious membership is found whee


the church of the holy sepulcher in jerusalem marks the site of christs


Jerusalem I a sacred place for which religions

jews, muslisms, christians

what is the major religion in southern louisiana


what is an example of an intrafaith conflict

northern Ireland

the vote to partition Palestine was taken by what organization

the united nations

the revolution that destroyed the older order in Ethiopia created a new state on the African map called __, dominantly muslim and culturally distinct from the old empire of which it had been part.


in the former Yugoslavia Albanians are the dominate ethnic group in __


northern Ireland, scene of catholic proestant conflict was portioned to who

the orthodox church

mel Gibson is a member of a movement which rejects what

developments in Catholicism resulting from the second the second Vatican council

which philosopher taught that there is a hierarchy in society here the superior person is responsible for the inferior person


which Chinese philosopher taught the people acted out of the self interest and would only respond to rewards and punishments imposed by a harsh ruler

han feizi

which Chinese philosopher taught the best government was the one that had the fewest rules because human rules interfere with the natural way?

lao zi

which of the following philosophies and religious beliefs were not native to china


islam I predominate in northern __ while traditional religions are predominate in the south


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