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anything on a page that is not actual text, from simple line drawings to fully active images found on the World Wide We


integrity is retained as image is resized


some pixels are lost when the image is resized


ease at which files are opened, modified, and viewed across software and browsers ease at which files are opened, modified, and viewed across software and browsers


allows the background color of an image to be replaced or changed so that the graphic can blend into the backgro

Raster Graphics

also called bitmap graphics, images composed of grids of pixels that have a fixed resolution (number of pixels per inch) and cannot be resized without losing image quality


Supports streaming (constant transmission of data over the


High quality; large file size


Large file size; not well suited for transfer across the Internet or print publications


Widely supported by web browsers and image viewers/editors


To store raw bitmap data by some programs and devices such as scanners

Vector Graphics

composed of mathematical formulas that define lines, nodes (drawing points) and curves of digital images; can be 2D or 3D; edited in draw programs</sentence>


The greater the compression, the ______ quality


A 4 bit pixel would have a color depth of


An _________ bit pixel would have a color depth of 256


The more bits per _________ the more colors displayed


constant transmission of data over the Internet

Color depth

refers to the number of bits per pixel that can be displayed on a computer screen.


refers to how an image is stored

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