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Biotechnology 8th Grade


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What is biotechnology
Use of a living organisms and biological process to develop tech and products to solve real world problems
What are the 3 basic tools in today's biology
working with cells, working with proteins enzymes, working with genes (DNA)
What is the difference between Traditional and Modern Biotechnology?
Traditional biotech: use of the whole organism; little understanding of microscopic
Modern biotech: uses individual cells and parts of cells. Made possible through many years of development in scientific understanding tech
Examples of Traditional biotech
selectively breeding crops/livestock for certain traits.
Examples of Modern biotech
making medicine into large quantities to fight bacterial infections, human insulin for diabetes.
What is Bioremediation
removing pollution from soil/water
What does GMOs stand for
Genetically modified organisms
What does gene mean?
A segment of DNA that codes or had instructions for a certain characteristic or traits. Influences how organisms look, behave, or function
What is Bacteria?
Prokaryotic, unicellular microorganisms that are often used in biotechnology.
What does PCR mean?
It is shortened for "polymerease chain reaction". It's a biochemical process that repeatedly copies a particular sequence of DNA using an enzyme called polymerease.
What is Genetic Fingerprints?
a technique used to distinguish between individuals of the same species
What is Genetic Engineering and Genetic Modifications?
The direct manipulation of an organism genome. In this process, genes, can be removed, disabled, or added from another organism's genome
What does Transgenic mean?
a term used to describe a GMO that has genes from another species
What is an Enzyme?
A protein that works as a catalyst; it help to speed up chemical reactions in living things.
What is Selective Breeding?
A traditional biotech technique still used today that involves choosing which organisms will have offspring based on a desired trait.
What is DNA?
A long double-stranded and spiral shaped molecule inside most living cells that carries genetic instructions. Contains the instructions that tell the organisms how to develop.
What is a Genome?
The complete set of genes or genetic material in a cell or an organism