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  1. opaque
  2. empirical
  3. morose
  4. enigmatic
  5. burgeon
  1. a đâm chồi
    to grow rapidly or flourish
  2. b buồn rầu, rầu rĩ, ủ ê
    sad; sullen; melancholy
  3. c mờ đục, không trong suốt, chắn sáng
    impenetrable by light; not reflecting light
  4. d based on observation or experiment
  5. e bí ẩn, khó hiểu;
    mysterious; obscure; difficult to understand

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  1. trộm, lén lút, ngấm ngầm
    marked by stealth; covert; surreptitious
  2. thích đàm đúm, thích giao du
    sociable; outgoing; enjoying the company of other people
  3. thừa nhận, đồng ý; cho quyền
    authoritative permission or approval; a penalty intended to enforce compliance
  4. không nhạy; chậm chạp
    unmoving; lethargic; sluggish
  5. dị giáo
    violating accepted dogma or convention

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  1. aestheticbí truyền; bí mật;
    intended for or understood by a small, specific group


  2. exonerateăn năn, hối hận
    remorseful; regretful; penitent; seeking forgiveness


  3. emollientlàm êm dịu, dễ chịu; làm mềm
    soothing, esp. to the skin; smooth, soften


  4. didacticđể dạy học
    intended to teach or instruct


  5. quaffuống từng hơi dài; nốc cạn một hơi
    to drink deeply