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Review the terms associated with the Male Reproductive System


bag-like sac that surrounds the testes, hangs outside the male's body to control the temperature

seminiferous tubules

located in the testes, produce sperm cells and make testosterone


small reproductive cell produced in large quantities by males, very mobile


sperm storage area

vas deferens

connected to the testes, travels through 2 glands that nourish the sperm and provide protection


fluids that surround sperm


the male organ that transfers sperm to the females body, contains erectile tissue that is able to fill with blood

prostate gland

produces fluid to help make vaginal tract less acidic, this prolongs the life of the sperm

cowper's gland

produces fluid to help lubricate the urethra for sperm to pass through

seminal vesicles

produces fructose to provide energy for sperm as the travel through the female reproductive system


part of the male reproductive system that produces sperm and testosterone

pituitary gland

the master glad of the endocrine system that signals the ovaries or testes to initiate puberty


when semen leaves the body


male genotype (chromosome set)


female genotype (chromosome set)


sexually transmitted disease


Sperm and urine exit the body through this

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